Charma Gal Leaving The Timeline In Complete Awe

Her woman empowerment is one for the books

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Musician Charma Gal has really shown that women empowerment is everything in the music industry. Following Amantle Brown's new song that recently released, Charma Gal has been taken by excitement and joy while singing Amantle's praises.

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Following Amantle Brown's new released song, Charma Gal is nothing short of excited and joyful with love and support for her. The song is a banger and it has already taken the airwaves by storm. Taking to social media, Charma Gal has urged local DJ's to love to Amantle Brown by playing her song on their sets.

Taking to social media, Charma Gal is beaming with joy and love over Amantle Brown's song.

"It's so much fun ! Much, much more to talk to you heeeeeeey! Djs send your whatsapp numbers so that I can give you Amantle Brown's hit this evening I want to hear it playing on my Mau!" wrote Charma Gal

Amantle Brown who has rebranded to Amaar Brown is celebrating big after her new song has been released. She is overwhelmed with all the feedback she has been receiving from her industry friends, fans and followers. Taking to social media, she has taken her hat off to Charma Gal for singing her praises while showing her love and support.

"The king has spoken. Oh my god. Charma Gal so happy parents. I am just ruming" wrote Amantle Brown

While taking to social media to share Charma Gal's posts where Charma Gal was singing her praises and urging the local DJ's to have Amantle Brown's song on their playlist. The support speaks volume, and nothing is much exciting and inspiring than to see women in their avenues supporting each other and fixing each other's crowns. Charma Gal may be a lot of things but her girl power and woman empowerment game never declines.

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Social media was sent to a frenzy following the release of the new song. Fans are gushing over the new song and Amantle Brown is basking in her glory and hard work. While reaping the fruits of her hard work and labor.
Taking to social media, Amantle Brown's fans and followers have really praised and applauded her over the new song.

Tshepie Punchu Gee wrote "Pina ena le semonya mo teng.. keep up the great work"

Lesego Moalafhi wrote "Go monate thata go rutwa ke Jeso!"

Emmanuel Ntwaetsile wrote "Keep up the good work! Amaar"

Timmy Nator wrote "Letse ke e utlwisitse mmabo maabane.....gohle le video"

MacDonald Gaorakwe wrote "When the support it's genuine"

Sis Pulane wrote "Mma I am crying your song now emonate"

Both Charma Gal and Amaar Brown are best what they do and seeing them showing each other support like this, really shows the love they have for each other.

Amantle Brown has already rebranded and changed her name from Amantle Brown to Amaar Brown. However all her social media are still under Amantle Brown.

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