Charma Gal's Unforeseen Circumstances Left Her Bewildered

Talk about fanning gone wrong

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It is true when they say there is first time for everything, as musician Charma Gal was meet with unforeseen circumstances at Khawa. Soon after her performance, Charma Gal was ganged up by a couple who couldn't take no for an answer.

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Charma Gal is still in complete disbelief after she was confronted an attacked by a man and a woman after her performance in Khawa. As she relays the incident, Charma Gal mentions that soon after her stage performance in Khawa, she was met with difficulties after her performance when a couple ganged up on her and demanded she goes back on stage to sing one of their favorite song.

Charma Gal and the couple went into a dispute with the couple, once they requested she went back on stage to sing their favorite song. Upon telling them that she has already sang the requested song. That was when the dispute escalated and the couple lashed out on Charma Gal and called her out of her name.

"Mosadi : charma gal ga wa nkopelela sakuna sakuna wee

Charma :ke e opetse motsadi ke yone ya bohelo

Mosadi :nnyaa ga ke a e utlwa boela o ye go nkopelela

Charma :nnyaa mmane e chaile go tsena ba bangwe 

Mosadi :wa gana go nkopelela owaii mme kana ga o montle,ga wa rutega ,ga o na sepe se o nang naso re rata dipina tsa gago eseng wena ,dipina ke tsone tse dintle" wrote Charma Gal

Charma Gal relays that she was called uneducated, ugly and all sorts of degrading names in front of her fans and followers by the couple that was disgruntled when she refused to go back on stage and sing when her set was already finished.

"Mosadi : nna mma ke nale sengwe le sengwe ke rutegile ke nale madi ga ke tlhoke sepe le ko ga me go special so o ithaa o re go kopa pinanyana ya gago ke stranded 

Charma:mmane le a lapisa tsamayang lo robala madi a lona a tloga a timela mo motlhabeng wa Khawa a mantsi le phateng a bonala gore le rwele nyebenyebe

Ke ha ikgophola mo go ene ke itsamaela, kana re bua jaana a nkakatetse ka lebogo, hey bosetha jo jame bo tlo ntshotisa ka batho" wrote Charma Gal

This is not the first time Charma Gal has been met with a difficult situation at an event. Recently she was harassed by Thabo Kedikilwe. Thabo Kedikilwe was secretly filmed by Charma Gal while he was making advances to her that were unwanted. The issue between Charma Gal and Thabo Kedikilwe went on to even implicate Uyapo Ndadi, Thabo's employer. However the matter was swiftly resolved and Thabo Kedikilwe did not even lose his job.

Thabo Kedikilwe went on to profusely apologized to Charma Gal after the incident broke out. He even went to apologize to his empoyer as well for almost jeopardizing his reputation and credibility as well.

"I apogise to my boss for disappointing him. I really let him down. I also apologize to Charma. I'm ready to do everything to make up for my mistakes.What I promise is that it'll never ever happen again. Never." wrote Thabo Kedikilwe

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