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Raising strong families together.

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What constitutes a family unit? By traditional defintion, it would consist of a father, a mother and children. However, in todays society the idea of a family unit has shifted from the traditional to the practical. The essential requirement for care is prioritized above the source from which it comes.

With divorce rates on the rise, we see celebrities coming to the table and opting for more amicable separations than what was formerly seen. Even so, there are those couples who have chosen well and have stood the test of time, raising strong families together. 

Take a look at Botswana’s 5 finest celebrity families:

The Sento’s (Vee and Kagiso Sento)

Odirile Vee Sento known as Vee Mampeezy is 36 years old and is a musician and the leader and songwriter of Lamalanga and Black Money Makers records. His wife, Kagiso Sento is arguably one of the most beautiful women on the African continent. She is known by virtue of being his wife and despite her husband’s fame, she remains grounded and humble.

The couple met in 2003 in Jwaneng during the President Holidays while Kagiso was competing in a beauty pageant. They later married and Kagiso’s wedding dress was designed by South African designer Gert-Johan_Coetzee. She is a Godly woman and supports her husband on his spiritual projects. 

Vee and Kagiso have 2 children together. A son and a daughter. Their talented son, Elijah, believe it or not, is often the photographer for his mother. He is now 12 years old and their first born. Their daughter, Armani Amen Omatla, is 4 years old.

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When asked about Father’s Day, Vee once said, “To me Father’s Day is a very important day, as it celebrates the role us responsible dads play in our families. A father figure should be an exemplary leader and as such he must guide, provide and protect his family at all times.” 

Mercy Thebe and Thabo Mapetla

Mercy Thebe is a Limkokwing Public Relations Officer and Thabo Mapetla is a Kwaito artist. 

Although this celebrity couple are no longer together romantically, they have kept their relations friendly and still seem to enjoy family days as they endeavour to co-parent their son, Wena Thebe, who is now 9 years old. Judging from their social media pictures, these parents place high priority on the well being of their son, putting aside their personal differences.

Pic cred: botswanayouth.com

Mercy Thebe said on her Facebook account, “such a blessing to both our families, we love this little peanut to the moon and beyond. We still remain great friends and try to be the best parents to this bundle of joy.” Mercy also has a teenage daughter, which she does not divulge much information on and Mapetla keeps his dating life away from the media.

With such strong parental support and love, this young man looks set to follow in the ambitious and successful footsteps of his wise parents.

Charma Gal 

Charma Gal, born Magdeline Lesolobe is an award-winning artist, who has been charming the masses with her captivating sound since entering the music industry. She was born in Lerala, Botswana on the 11th November 1984 and is 36 years old.

Charma Gal was married to musician Kabelo Mogwe who is also called Leshman. They were married on the 3rd December 2011, however the couple unfortunately divorced after being married for 3 years.

Pic cred: botswanayouth.com

Charma Gal has two sons. Her first-born son, George, was born in September 2003. The star also gave birth to another baby boy in 2016. The boy's name is Thandolwane. The father of the baby is businessman Resego Matenge.

Ndadi’s (Uyapo Ndadi and Priscilla Ndadi)

Uyapo is a lawyer and has pushed legal and policy frontiers in Botswana that challenge the status quo in today’s socio-political challenges. He is celebrated for his zeal in successfully and ably representing the underprivileged. Uyapo Ndadi specialises in the representation of those living with HIV and AIDS in Botswana, including sexual minorities in legal cases. His wife Priscilla Ndadi is highly experienced in the financial services industry.

The couple were married in 2013 and kept the wedding proceedings private and away from the local entertainment news. Priscilla gave birth to their first born in 2015, a little girl named Lindani.

Pic cred: botswanayouth.com
Pictures of their little princess often grace social media. Their second born arrived on the scene in 2016. Uyapo said on Facebook, “As the Bible commands, be fruitful and multiply!”

Sebego’s (Tebogo Sebego and Tebogo Lebotse Sebego)

Tebogo Sebego, known as Mara to many, is a Principal Partner at Sebego Attorneys and studied at the University of Botswana. His wife, Tebogo Lebotse Sebego is one of the most influential women in Botswana, both in Sports and Corporate. She also doesn’t relax with age and never compromises on her looks.

Tebogo Sebego and Tebogo Lebotse Sebego were married on the 16th November 2013. They have 4 beautiful children, 3 daughters and 2 sons. Tebogo Lebotse Sebego puts much effort into the well being of her family. Her children are picture perfect reminding us of the value of togetherness in a family. This is a strong woman and has even come to her husbands defence from time to time.

Pic cred: botswanayouth.com

In 2017, after the Law society of Botswana found her husband guilty of professional misconduct and fined him P7,500 through the disciplinary committee. Tebogo defended her husband after slander made its rounds on Facebook regarding her husband.

She slapped back saying, “It must be nice to say whatever you want to say about the next person without any regard or reflection on what damage or harm your words can do. Who in their right mind would spend so much money on lawyer fees to challenge a fine of P7,500 if it wasn’t a matter of principle and genuine attempt to clear their name.”

She concluded the issue by saying that she prays for each one of those making the derogatory comments that they never ever have to be in a similar position.

So this is the life of the rich and famous and they seem to be raising theirs families pretty well. What do you think?

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