Celebrity Cop Famous for being handsome!

His dashing looks worked for him

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This young dashing cop trended for many days on social media circles and he was ushered to fame. Just like that! He was at the time escorting one of the convicts as he works for the Special Support Group. The convict was supposed to be making headlines and events flipped and the young handsome cop with some striking looks was making headlines.

Ladies were drooling over him and boom! He was now a celebrity. Well, we can never dismiss the fact that he has got looks and it is what is keeping him relevant. The cop affectionately known as Sospan Panillo was mostly loved for looking smashing hot on his force uniform.

Now that he was on the limelight, ladies wanted to know if their potential ‘bae’ is seeing someone or not. For some time now, nobody knew who he was seeing. He kept it to himself without even hinting anything to anyone. Some thought he was keeping his relationship private, some thought he was playing women and some thought he could be genuinely single. On his part though he never gave anyone hints or anything, he just kept the fun going. Now that he did not show off anyone, people thought he was single. On the contrary, though, he was just too good-looking to be single and looking.

It was just recently he started showing off his girlfriend. A fitness fanatic who also has looks like him. Known as Nicki Motlhaka, she has been serving us with goals and is a sucker for fitness. The lovebirds have been posting their beautiful snaps on social media, serving couple goals. It is no doubt, that the two are good-looking together and we can only wish them the best in their relationship. The celebrity cop seems to be madly in love as now and then he throws in Nicki’s hot pictures, showing her off.

However, their relationship is barely months public but it has already attracted controversies. Nicki who is reported to have been dating the RB 2 Sports presenter famously known as Fundi, was said to have dated him for 11 years before their relationship ended in court battles. Their breakup seemed to have left the 45 year Sports Presenter broken and even demanding that the 33-year-old beau should hand over his assets before parting ways. He only wanted what belonged to him before letting her go in peace.

Many people reacted to this as some people felt 11 years is enough to know whether you want to walk down the aisle with someone or not. Some women came with guns blazing and instead of comforting the broken Rb2 Presenter, they called him for wasting Nicki‘s time and keeping her around without tying the knot. It seemed many women used the moment to call out men who keep them around for many years without the intensions of tying the knot. Some however wished karma on them as they believed the lovebirds were building a home using someone’s tears. That is beside the point, the truth is they are happy together. 

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