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We all love cars! Cars are important especially for celebrities. When it comes to those 4 wheeled beauts, celebrities find creative and exciting ways to spend their millions. Yet, for many celebrities, cars are not simply about having the time and money to enjoy them, but rather, they are more for status in keeping up with their public personas. 

A music album or 10, or a spot on TV as a fan-favorite and these celebrities are set for years, living the life. So what cars are the rich and famous driving? We thought we’d do a little digging and find out. Let’s take a look at celebrity cars in Botswana:

Odirile Sento and Kagiso Sento

Odirile Sento aka Vee Mampeezy and his wife Kagiso Sento drive the most expensive cars in the world. Vee Mampeezy is a popular Botswana musician and the leader and songwriter of Lamalanga and Black Money Maker records. His music Genres are Funk, Kwaito and House Music. His wife Kagiso, is a former Model.
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Their cars include a Black Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, VW and BMW. In an instagram post he showed off his many cars with the caption ‘Powered by Jesus’.

They also own a silver Porsche, and on his recent purchase of it, Vee said, 

“I never thought one day I will say “honey where are the keys to the Porsche” Jesus Thank u for another blessing..PORSCHE!!! WOW, I’m humbled,”
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Nijel Amos 

Nijel Carlos Amilfitano Amos is a Botswana middle distance runner who specializes in the 800 metres discipline. The Olympian runner represented Botswana in the 2012 Summer Olympics. He won the silver medal and was the first to win an Olympic medal for Botswana. This 25 year old fast man is living the dream thanks to his God given athletic talent. He shares his love for fast machines with us, his cars.
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He has a Mercedes Benz and a BMW. Nijel Amos also knows his stuff when it comes to automobiles, ealier this year in a Facebook post he promoted TOTAL Botswana posting, “we all wish the night would be longer, but its just a wish that will never come true, with Excellium anti-corrosion, you’re assured of protection and extended lifetime to your car engine. save mode as it contains detergents which make a reduction in your fuel consumption.”

Gaona Tlhasana 

Gaona Nketso Tlhasana is a television and radio broadcast journalist and a media entrepreneur. She is from Gaborone, Botswana. This 36 year old media personality uses her pennies wisely.
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She owns a black 3 door hatch back hardtop mini cooper. Always the look of style and class, we think she pulls off elegance as much as her mini cooper.

Amantle Montsho

Amantle Montsho is Botswana’s very own female Olympic Athletic star. She represented our country in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics where she reached the finals toward the end.

This Olympian Runner has been spotted proudly posing with her black jeep, although we are not sure if it is as fast as her. She specializes in the 400 metre sprint. She was also the first person from Botswana to win the Gold medal at the Commonwealth games.
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Looking fashionable, trim and sporty, she certainly showed off her wheels with her style in a picture perfect moment.

Tebego Lebotse Sebogo

Mrs Lebotse Sebogo is the epitome of class and a true example that the world is a better place with women. She is a Chief Communications and Public Relations Officer at Mascom Wireless. She is the wife of the Principal Partner of Sebogo Attorneys.
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She was seen posing in the sunset with her Black Beetle. Her styled afro, denim attire and cowboy boots really complimented her choice in a car. Tebogo Lebotse Sebogo brings the trendy high life of Hollywood to Botswana.

Bruce Nkgakile

Bruce Nkgakileis the BDPYL Treasurer for the Botswana Democratic Party. He is also a determined entrepreneur.
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A car for for a true leader. His black Mercedes says it all about the man, Bruce simply does not hide the fact that he aspires to be president one day. His exquisite taste in cars serves as proof that he will be a respected leader as well. He is a young millionaire in the making. He has also been seen posing with a silver Porsche. He claims that the car tires alone cost him P27 000.

Tumi Gabonamong

Tumi Gabonamong is an Online Community Manager for ZaSocial Media and a full-time writer for Touchline Media. Tumi has earned a name for herself by virtue of being a great support to her soccer star husband, Mogogi Gabonamong. He is a Botswana football defense midfielder and defender for the South African Premier Soccer League club.
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It’s good to note that she has the taste to back her larger than life attitude. This lovely and supportive lady knows that what belongs to her man belongs to her too.

Malebogo Marumoaga

Former Miss Botswana 2006 Malebogo Marumoaga is the Founder and Managing Director of Belle Larissa Consultants. Her consultancy compnay that was founded in 2009 won a Woman in Business Award under the catergory of Young Female Entrepreneur of The Year in 2016. It aims to assist individulas, young and old alike to be the best they can possibly be, especially in todays competitive world.
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Her ‘Chic’ ride definitely compliments her personality. She has silver Beetle that goes hand in hand with her pretty, vibrant and classy style. Being a petite automobile, it is surely enough to compliment her beautifully slender figure. We like it!

Pontsho Moloi

Pontsho Moloi is Botswana’s football sensation who plays as a forward for Michudi Centre Chiefs. This talented soccer star is notoriously private, so we feel priviledged to get to see a glimpse of Pontsho's car. 
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He has retired now, so perhaps we might see much more from him on his personal side. Awesome Wheels Pontsho!

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Main image credit: Instagram/@veemampeezy