Cassper Takes Beef To Another Level

He is not a fan of this Hip Hop DJ

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After Speedsta got roasted for dissing a popular genre called Amapiano, Cassper took the opportunity to also join in on the shade throwing just because he does not get along with the Hip Hop DJ. There is definite bad blood between Cassper Nyovest and DJ Speedsta and the beef is far from being settled.

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Speedsta got roasted for saying, "Piano DJ’s all play the same songs. John wick 4 times a night."

Best believe that Cassper will defend the popular genre because he is a huge fan of the Yanos. He has worked on a number of projects so trust him to defend the genre.

He then commented with "Amen" on a tweet which seeks to shade Speedsta,

"Amapiano as an emerging genre is paining a lot of hip-hop artists like DJ Speedsta. Unlike the gatekeeped hip-hop industry, the Amapiano industry is making a whole lot of artists eat which is beautiful to see. Either you embrace this authentic South African sound or keep quiet," a tweep said.
He also retweeted the diss below:

"Jealousy will always be there but there's no way you can control the Piano culture. The music doesn't live in radio or TV. It lives in people's hearts and in the street. The music does the talking," Cassper said.

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