Cassper Nyovest on why we prefer American success

Do you prefer to see the success of overseas artists rather than your own?

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Top of The

Cassper has recently expressed why we as Africans tend to praise the success of Americans but look down on the success of our own artists.

The opinion expressed by Cassper was the result of the #OpenUpTheIndustry trend which resurfaced on social media again.

The debate about opening up the industry is quite a sensitive one, especially to many who feel that there are gate keepers within the entertainment industry who are keeping opportunities away from other aspiring entertainers who want to thrive in this business.

The Open Up The Industry debate re-surfaced after Lerato Kganyago took to Twitter to address the trend.

Lerato shared that she's noticed how South Africans are always cheering on  American entertainers who dabble in many projects within the entertainment business but have an issue with South African entertainers who are offered the same opportunities.

Lerato's comment opened up a can of worms as the debate became a back and forth war of words amongst many people on social media. People debated on whether our celebrities are talented enough to be holding down so many projects like their American counterparts.

A Twitter user echo'd Lerato's sentiments by making a sarcastic comment and usednCassper as an example of how South Africans tend to appreciate the success of American actors over their own celebrities.

This comment caught the attention of Cassper who added his two cents worth of opinion about the entire debate.
What are your thoughts on Cassper's opinion? Do you think he's on the ball with this? Do we favour American entertainers over our own?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@CassperNyovest