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Motswako is a subgenre of hip hop that involves rapping predominantly in Setswana while incorporating other languages, mostly English. Rapping in Setswana makes the music more acceptable to the local people as well as increases our sense of authenticity and pride in our culture. 

Here is a list of Botswana’s top 5 rappers who have made a name for themselves and continue dominating the local rap scene .


Thato Matlabaphiri, more popularly known as Scar, kicks off the list of Botswana’s top 5 rappers. Scar has been in the game for years and made debut into the music scene back in 2001. As one of the pioneers in the Botswana hip hop scene, his career has been on a steady upward trajectory and in addition to putting out good music, Scar is also a producer and a songwriter. In addition to attending UB, Scar also went to University of Pretoria and was a recent recipient of the TanSriLimkokwing  #ScholarshipForTheCreativeSector to study a 4 year BA (Hons) in Digital Film and TV.

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Hailing from Serowe, the next artist on the list of Botswana’s top 5 rappers is Game Gaobane Bantsi also known as Zeus. He is considered one of the country’s best wordsmith, songwriter, and MC and he rose to fame in the early 2000s as a teenager . Zeus went on to release his debut album, ‘Freshly Baked’ in 2008 and has been a household name ever since collaborating with fellow industry heavyweights.

Levuyo Lejowa

Levuyo Lejowa aka Veezo View is no stranger to the hip hop scene. The rapper cultivated an interest in music at the age of 17 and chose to nurture his talent and build his career. He released his debut EP titled V.I.S.A in 2016 after he moved to Johannesburg to fully pursue a career as a rap artist. He moved back to Botswana a few years later and has collaborated with other popular artists such as Yaw Bannerman, Tshego, Gemini Major and BanT. In addition to wowing the crowds with his flow, Veezo also often gets the crowds talking with his good looks.

Picture source: @veezoview Instagram

William Last KRM 

The next name to secure a spot on the list of Botswana’s top 5 rappers is none other than the famous William Last K.R.M. The artist come, entertainer broke to prominence in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic as a comedian on Tik Tok. His skits began going viral and at just 20 years old, he was named one of the most influential personalities in Botswana. William continued to pursue his career as a  rapper and even has collaborations with Veezo and other artists.

Picture source: @williamlast_krm Instagram


Last but certainly not the least name on the list of Botswana’s top 5 rappers is Atlasaone Molemogi better known as A.T.I. The entertainer has been active in the Hip hop and R&B genre for over a decade and can be considered one of the industry's pioneers. A.T.I also doubles up as an activist and is very vocal about his support and passion for the hip hop scene in Botswana.

Picture source: @bathobame Instagram

The hip hop culture in Botswana continues to grow with new talent popping up every now and then. Legends such as Jabba HHP and Khuli Chana popularized the Motswako genre and it continues to thrive locally and across borders. 

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