Botswana’s Top 5 Female Musicians

Their talent is unmatched

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One thing Africans are undoubtedly blessed with is rhythm and it is inherently part of our everyday routine. Music and song is what gets us through most of our life experiences, we dance and play music when we are in mourning, when we are celebrating, when we are cleaning and even when we are eating. 

Because music is such a big part of our lives, we thought we highlight Botswana's top 5 female musicians, just so you can update your Spotify playlist 

Mpho Sebina

Kicking off the list of Botswana’s top 5 female musicians is none other than Mpho Sebina. The International Business honors degree graduate began her music career writing songs and doing covers whilst obtaining her degree. Although music was her first love, she spent 3 years in the corporate world working in advertising, before eventually quitting her job to fully pursue her music career. 

The songstress released NEO, her first EP in 2017, and LORA, her first album in 2020. Growing up around music, a few of Mpho’s musical influences include Boom Shaka, Stampore, Brenda Fassie, Sade, UB40, Mariah Carey and Setswana tales (Mainane), infact, most of her songs are in Setswana and her sound can be described as a fusion of soul , RnB, and African rhythms. 

Her collaboration with Major League on the popular song Dinaledi topped charts during the peak of Covid lockdowns and resulted in her working with other industry heavyweights across Africa.

Picture source: @mphosebina Instagram

Samantha Mogwe

The next songstress on the list of Botswana’s top 5 female musicians is none other than Samantha Mogwe. Born to a Motswana father and Zambian mother, Samantha grew up with various cultures and views that influenced her music, her unique neo-soul/RnB sound and her storytelling.

The artist has been making strides in the music industry from as early as 2003 when she won the My African Dream (MAD) junior singing competition. In addition to collaborating with other local artists, she has gone on to achieve so much more in her career including performing as an opening act for international names such as Joe Thomas, Zahara and the soil.

Picture source: @samanthamogwe Instagram

Thato Jessica

As a singer/songwriter, designer, creative director, entrepreneur and junior architect, Thato Jessica is the next leading lady on our list of Botswana’s top 5 female musicians. The multifaceted artist began her musical journey as part of a gospel group X-caliber but branched off as a solo artist in 2015. 

Thato has several collaborations with local artists and has even gone on tour with South Africa’s biggest rapper, Nasty C.

Picture source: @thatojessica Instagram

Dato Seiko

With the release of her much anticipated EP, Grace Effect, Dato cemented her place on Botswana’s top 5 female musicians list. The artist describes herself as a genre fluid musician and often wows audiences with her voice. 

Picture source: @dato_seiko Instagram

Charma gal

Last but certainly not least on the list of Botswana’s top 5 female musicians is the one and only Charma Gal. Charma has dominated the industry from the days she was part of the group Culture Spears. She continued to impress fans as a solo artist and has remained a fav within the industry.

Picture source: @charma_gal Instagram

Which other artists would you add to the list?

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