"Botswana Radio Will Show You Dust"

The radio industry being lambasted for it's shenanigans

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Working as a creative director, Ross Tshiamo, as she is popularly known on Twitter as Rozay is living to tell a tale about Botswana radio space. Having worked for years for a popular radio station she didn't mention, Ross Tshiamo has washed her hands with the exploitation from the radio space and industry.

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Taking to social media, Ross Tshiamo has blasted and lambasted the Botswana's radio industry as the worst industry anyone can go to. Having worked in the radio space her self for years, she has absolutely zero nice things to say about it however, her experience was rather the opposite of nice.

"I'm tempted to tell you guys what I used to make as the host of one of the most successful afternoon drive radio shows in the country  it wasn't & isn't enough to just be a presenter. You've gotta MC, DJ, influence, etc just to *barely* get by. BW radio will show you dust nana" wrote Rozay

Other tweeps really jumped into the bandwagon and threw in their two cents to the topic. Others who have worked in the radio industry here in Botswana also share the same sentiments as Rozay.

Another tweep by the name of Aron Ramanne blasted the whole media and journalism industry, going to say that they whole industry doesn't offer a decent livelihood.
Another tweet named Seabelo Lekoko had to put it blatantly of the pain of being famous and broke in Botswana. He coined this notion the worst thing to even happen to any human being. The sad reality of the radio, media and journalism industry in Botswana's of being popular and well known only to earn the bare minimum with a title of being famous on top of it.
Ross Tshiamo continued to accuse radio presenter to for recycling information for radio that has been circulated on social media. She went on to excuse radio presenters for having to do their bare minimum as well for their bare minimum pay.

"And don't mind when radio presenters go on air to regurgitate the content you guys circulate on here. They aren't paid enough to do more, say more, be more. You're asking too much for their pay grade" wrote Rozay

The likes of Resego Motlhokathari and Miss Geekays who are the queens and kings of the radio space and by the look of things they have it on lock-down. Now the question remains, are they also being shortchanged or does it also comes with experience, reputation and status in the entertainment industry.

Miss Geekays works as both Radio and TV personality, so as Resego Motlhokathari. Are they aid fairly? Well that is another mystery to be solved for another day.

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