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The entertainment industry is more often than not a grimy place for women.  First of all, it's near impossible to find a woman in your field who has broken the glass ceiling, which means chances of any sort of mentorship from someone who's likely to understand you and your struggles in the field, are slim. Very slim.
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About as slim as your chances of completely going through the motions of what  should be your job and coming out unscathed. Which brings us to the second thing.  Any industry that has a majority of men (which is really all industries) and a fluid/nonchalant approach to "rules" will more often than not compromise women's safety, as we see with the #MeToo movement. 
So for women, getting into the Industry is oftentimes an ugly struggle, and staying there, the same.

“I’m a very observant person, so if anything, I’d encourage especially someone who is new in the industry to be very observant, do a lot less talking, and do a lot more watching, observe your space, observe the people around you, observe behaviour, gage the entertainment industry, there’s a lot that happens quite fluidly, it happens off the cuff, it’s quite an informal industry...the casting couch is a very real thing...”

One young woman who's managed to get in, fit in and thrive is Bontle Modiselle. She's a choreographer, actress, singer, television personality and now radio host alongside Scoop Makhathini on YFM, and throughout her journey she's managed to stay well away from drama and the general muck that tends to arise in the lives of many young entertainers, a thing she attributes to the advice she's gotten over the years from her sister - model and media personality - Refilwe Modiselle. 

“She gave me all the advice in the world, from how to conduct myself, the types of relationships I should look out for, the ones I should avoid, the ones I need to establish...and that you’re going to have to work, there’s no level of entitlement anywhere...nothing is owed to you...don’t chase fame...conversations about own sister was very open with me, very open and honest...she was a major tool in how I developed myself...I’ve never had a manager, I’ve managed my business myself,”

In her exclusive interview with ZAlebs the star also discussed her current relationship with dance, singing on her man Priddy Ugly's album EGYPT and Boom Shaka influenced her career.

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