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One Tswaleb winning at this life thing is none other than Bonang Matheba. The television personality keeps on setting the bar higher and higher.

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This past week our favorite Mo’Ghel did the things when she announced the launch of the House of BNG Nectar. The release made her one of the first South African MCC brands to release a canned version of her popular MCC sparkling wine range. The move was strategic and well-timed considering that the world was going through it with the pandemic and money being tight. With the release of the new range, she halved the price of the House of BNG’s previous releases and everyone was here for it.

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Sis also made it a point to not entertain the conversation of who owns House of BNG, which detractors of her light tried to cast a shadow on.  This is despite her profile clearly stating that she is the founder of House of BNG. And as members of the B* Force reminded us that it does not matter who owns the brand because sis is clearly getting her bag, and who is mad at sis securing a bag. Already, the brand was the biggest selling alcoholic beverage for Woolworths so she is clearly unbothered.
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