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Boity is gifted!

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Boity Thulo has used her gift as a sangoma and predicted a baby. She predicted the news to content creator and influencer Siyanda Dzenga affectionately known as Siya Bunny, that she is expecting a baby. 

In awe over the wonderful news, Siya took to Instagram and shared how Boity first broke the news to her and also revealed that she is a few months pregnant.

“…and then a week later I get a DM from Boity, the sangoma rapper, Boity is like, girl you is pregnant,” she said.

Siya got married in 2019, sharing the news with her followers, she posted: “I actually cannot believe the day is so near, on Saturday my family will officially be handing me over to the love of my life and join our families. I have never been this thrilled and completely looking forward to forever with my love.”

People shared excitement for Siya but also applauded Boity for revealing the wonderful news to her, “Boity randomly dm'ing Siya bunny to tell her she's pregnant and the test coming back positive is something else, I'm going to need just 10 minutes of her time.”

During her interview in 2016 with Fresh Breakfast on Metro FM, Boity said the journey of becoming a sangoma was not hard but it was long”

“It was not hard but it was daunting because it was a long journey. My hardest part was finding someone who is really authentic who could walk me through this and teach me without including Boity in the mix and not being affected by Boity,” she said.

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