Boity Gets Her Flowers From Lady Du

She even featured in Boity's reality show.

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It's most certainly a good thing when we see celebs help each other out to reach their goals. Boity is the good samaritan that has been able to help many people. Sol made a heartwarming confession when he revealed how Boity helped him when he was at his darkest point. Now, someone else also wants to show her gratitude. 

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Some people might have missed it but Lady Du got featured in Boity's reality show Own Your Throne. She was hired by Naakmusiq to be her vocal coach and songwriter and did an amazing job.

She shared a clip from that episode she was featured in and Lady Du did a stellar job and even pushed Boity to the limit. She tried to make Boity sing, but the rapper could not as she was destined to be a rapper.

After that episode, she got calls from various people asking her to join them in the studio. She said although she was already in the path of stardom, that episode alone opened the many doors for her to succeed.

She said there are a few people in the industry who used her skills but never gave her any credit, but she had let them be.

"I’ve been looking for this video today it came as a memory, here are the people that deserve credit for my blow up, people that gave me a platform when no one else believed in me. I’ve been writing songs for a lot of artists, serious hit songs if I can tell you you’d pass out, but they kept quiet, and that’s fine."

She then mentions how Naak Musiq and Boity as well as her manager Bash Vision changed her life,

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