Boity Wants 200K For Valentines

A Queen who knows what she wants

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Boitumelo 'Boity' ThuloB 200K for Valentines day and she claims to not being fussy about it. The rapper stunned many of her fans with this request leading many to feel some type of way.

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Responding to a fan who asked her what does she want for the special day for couples, Boity said, “I’m not a fussy girl. Just R200k.”

Her fans thought her response was humorous because she made 200k sound like small change. For a girl like her, it probably is! 

A follower said, “Ever noticed how a girl out of your league would ask for ewallet just to push you away? I recognise same tactics here.” These sentiments were shared by many of her followers.

The rapper is infact single! She tweeted. 

“I hate that I might have to buy myself a Birkin instead of a man I’m in a relationship with. I’m so impatient! The man must arrive, already! Thixo!”

“Imagine having to buy myself a Rolls Royce Cullinan. Yhu ha a! No ways. My independent woman tolerance is not that high, beyps.”

The media personality was recently trending when she took to Twitter and tweeted: 

“May my success never be tied to a toxic relationship/man. “

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