Boity On Dropping Out Of University: God Had Other Plans For Me

Her mom couldn’t afford the fees

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Media personality, Boity Thulo, engaged her followers in an open discussion on Twitter tonight, asking them about what their least favourite subject in school was. She tweeted, “What was your WORST subject in high school? Accounting used to drag me through the fires of hell. It never came right for my brain with that subject.” 

As the responses came in, Boity was unfamiliar with the subject “Life Sciences”, and was hilariously enlightened by her fans, who explained that it was in fact Biology. 13 years since graduating high school, Boity still looked back fondly on her love for mathematics, claiming that trigonometry in particular was her strong point. She shared that during university, she had given French a try, but that also ended up being a complete fail. She stated, “I took French for a semester in University. What a joke I was, my darling. I didn’t even go and write the final exam. Ke felletse mo “Je m’appelle Boitumelo”. 

Speaking more about her varsity days at Monash University, Boity revealed that she was studying towards a Double major in Psychology and Criminology. When asked about why she didn’t complete her tertiary education, fans were heartbroken to find out that it was because her mom was unable to pay the fees, forcing her to drop out before she had finished her degree. “If my mom hadn’t run out of money for my University fees, I would have been a Criminal Psychologist/Serial killer Profiler by now. But God had other plans for me.”

Boity has since proven that she didn’t need further education to make a success of her life, as she thrives as one of the top celebrities in the country. Aside from being a television host, Boity has also starred in her own reality show, opened up many business, launched her own perfume and become a well-respected rapper.
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