Richest One Year Old in Botswana?

All thanks to his mom

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Many know her for outstanding singing prowess some know her as a singer, poet, actress, dancer, Image model, fashion designer businesswoman but for Baby Amari, Berry Heart is his loving fun to be with Mom. Here is why.

Berry has over the years been consistent with showcasing her only child at the moment Baby Amari. The mother of one did not start being proud of her child recently but since he was in the womb. She would post photos of herself in a huge gorgeous looking baby bump and she was enjoying her pregnancy journey. In most of her posts, she would be joined by ever-loving and present husband Brian.

Over the years, we have seen Berry evolve first from a singer and currently to a multifaceted businesswoman who is running several successful business franchises. However, this has not altered her mom duties. She recently posted a video of herself and Amari playing hide and seek. Baby Amari was visibly excited as he hid behind the curtain. In his little head, the young king must have believed nobody can see his little movement. However, his mom busted him out by saying she can see him. Baby Amari came out of the curtains all smiles while laughing. What an adorable moment for the mother and son.

With that kind of attention and love, Baby Amari is set out for a good start. In addition, the kid is already a brand ambassador of several businesses including Baby Amari Clothing Apparel which he started running at only 4 months.

The most recent win for the young champ is his role as the brand ambassador of the Whistler Beverages Kiddies water. At the age of one year, Baby Amari already has several titles against his name including, content creator, entrepreneur and actor.

Given Amari is still young, it is the mother Berry Heart that is running his social media accounts and brand. This equates to the German and French proficient speaker spending more time with his son. It may look easier or normal but if you factor in the different roles that Berry plays in her day-to-day work, it is clear that she is very intentional with attending to her son above all else. Good job girl!

At the moment, the mother of one is running a successful clothing brand called #berryheartcreations. The clothing brand deals in African Couture with cultural fabrics. She recently opened a shop in Mowana Mall Phalakane and is looking to open many more.

Beryl took to her Instagram to encourage her followers to keep praying for protection since the spiritual world is in a constant fight. On her Facebook page, she shared the importance of planning for the things you wish to achieve. She said that even if one does not have enough resources to get started with something they should plan for it.

Before we go, it is could to give credit to Berry’s partner and Amari’s dad Brain Sokesi. He has also not shied away from being a present dad to his dad. The two are enjoying parenting and Baby Amari is wholesomely enjoying his parents. We wish them all the best!

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