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This is her debut into television

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She recently opened the doors of her luxurious fashion store, which has a plethora of classy sartorial. The unstoppable personality also recently flew to Tanzania to showcase some of her show-stopping designs. As she keeps expanding and her business growing in leaps and bounds, she has also yet again launched her television show on YTV formerly known as eBotswana.  The groundbreaking show is styled ‘The Craft with Berry Heart’, and it airs every Friday at 19; 30hrs.

While she still has many titles to her hat, the poetess and singer have shown resilience towards her passion. This week she shared in her television chapter.

“YTV came for a meeting with Berry Heart Creations team at the Shop in Phakalane to sponsor the wardrobe of their news team. The General Manager Ryckie liked how I was giving a presentation about BH Creations. She came up with the idea of the show right away,” she recalled.
 “The Craft is a show really inspired by the work ethic and objective of Berry Heart Creations. We collect National fabrics from all African countries with a touch and influence of western fashion. We are a gallery of national cultures. Culture is at the heart of every nation and making fashion that is culturally inclined is meaningful to a vast range of generations, the young and the old and every stratum of the society and that brings unity.”
 Asked how her show will help local designers and fashion enthusiast she said, “First of all it will teach them about the history of different fabrics and the culture of different Africans and diverse countries.”

“Most designers do not know a lot about national fabrics of African countries. I saw this from graduates whom I have hired at Berry Heart Creations. I had to teach them that. Secondly we will feature some designers and their work on The Craft with Berry Heart Creations.”

Coming this far with her brand and managing to build an empire has been an accomplishment for her. She is determined to keep pushing and moving forward despite obstacles.

“I feel I am putting in some work and effort and some people do see it. It shows how far I have come and how far I am going as a brand. There has been indeed a lot of developments,” she said,
 Her television show ropes in different people in the fashion industry which she is looking forward to working with on the show. All fashion lovers and investors will take center stage in her show.
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Asked on what people should look forward to, she said, “They should look forward to more and more growth in Botswana Fashion Industry because The Craft will have more impact in the latter. We will take fashion to new heights,” she assured.

”The Craft also covered The Swahili Fashion week that took place in Tanzania Dar es Salaam December 2-5th 2021. The biggest East and Central African fashion show with over 100 fashion designers from around the world.”

Africa has the most beautiful fabrics that has been trendy lately on all occasions and some of the fabrics that she will be putting a spotlight is Leteisi from Botswana, South African Shweshwe, Ghanaian Kente, Senegalese Hitaget, Nigerian Ankara, Zambian Chitenge and Tanzanian Kitenge.

The exquisite fashion television show also cherishes diverse fashionable fabrics, Fashions styles from all African Countries exclusively on YTV Botswana. 

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