I am no longer available in places of lack -Berry Heart

She is now sitting with kings

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Berry Heart has attracted controversies after controversies in the past, if anyone who chose to rise above the circumstances it was her. She has often attested to the fact that she comes from humble beginning and that people what to link her to that, while she has progressed in life and this does not sit well with her.

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The poetess and songbird chose to fly with the eagles and shaped her life exactly the way she wanted to see it. She has defied odds to be where she is today and has made a name for herself. The hard working mother of one has now become a household name, and has managed to raise her luxurious store known as Berry Heart Creations.

The brand today has attracted celebrities like Amantle Brown and many more. Talk about the Berry Heart brand and you just know it scream class and style. She has been in news for pricing her brands ridiculously, this is despite the fact that her clothes which are normally priced tagged P40 000 are selling big outside the countries like in Germany.

Batswana finds it ridiculous but that is business minded people do, they mean business. She is indeed on a mission to succeed and to raise the bar. She has a very balanced life, love life and a motherhood life. The well-trimmed star has been doing this motherhood thing like a pro, she just turns everything she touches into gold. She is currently sitting on four nominations at the Annual Glitz Awards of BW Celebs, showing many she is not here to play

She recently took to social media how many people are looking for her in the most lowest places.

"Many people are searching even under their beds for the person I used to be in the past. Well, not the intelligent girl who got 100% in class, or the girl at church who used to act and sing. They are not searching for that girl who was good in sports; netball and softball, the academic bulldozer who won in science fairs and National debates who spoke unusual English or the Graduate who have worked with EU and UN.

They are looking for the dirty poor girl from Magagarape who went to school bare footed, books on Tastic Rice 10kg plastic with yellow green mucus flowing through her nostrils. The one who slept hungry waiting for another day of school so she can 'boha mala ka motogo' wa sekolo. They are looking for the angry girl, the fighter who used to put people in their place when they provoked her

I have handed all my battles to God Child of my mother. My hands now do 3 things, Count money, pray and hold a glass of wine. Kana Bo baby girl ga le kgone go dumela gore ke nna hakere? Hardy! My past is a point of reference not a point of residence. Watch me and my children re-write the whole entire history­čĄ×.

I am no longer available in places of lack and corridors of hate! I dwell in ABUNDANCE! For ETERNITY!"
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