Berry Hearts Plays Like A Big Boss She Is

Her heart is in the right place

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Botswana's very own multi award winning artist and fashion consultant lays her heart bare in an attempt to meet her clients and customer halfway. Betty Hearts of Berry Hearts Creations is not only for herself all the time, as she recently introduces a loyalty card to her shoppers to benefits from. This queen is working tirelessly to also give back to her supporters.

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Berry Hearts who has her hands full, while juggling in between a number of work and projects she's busy with. She also is a performing artist, poet, singer, actress, dancer and image model. Berry Hearts what most successful and distinguished stores are doing by giving back to shoppers by the means of rewards/ loyalty incentives. This of course in attempt to assist businesses to secure customer's allegiance. Although she is a successful businesswoman in the fashion industry, however she herself can benefit a great deal from rewarding customers in favor to secure their support and loyalty.

"The Berries, the Red Carpet Shop is introducing the loyalty card to its valued clients soon. P20 =B1 ( 1 Berry Note) and you can redeem them at anytime to purchase your favorite ELEGANCE from us" wrote Berry Hearts

The successful entrepreneur, branding & communications, online marketer of  and a self-proclaimed future multi billionaire and evidently Berry Hearts has her eyes on the bigger prize. And at the end of the day it is a win win situation between her and her loyal customers.

Despite her many other commitments but Berry remains a caring and loving mother to her child. Berry's child is nothing short of adorable and by the look of things, her child is going to walk in her mothers footsteps. When you thought there was absolutely nothing else Berry Hearts can do, she continues to lead by an example and a true inspiration to the ones coming after her.

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We can only wish nothing but the best of luck to Berry Hearts business endeavors and knowing the businesswoman she is, there is absolutely no doubt that she won't become the success that she has envisioned. After all, she has called herself a future billionaire and what is the perfect time to start on that journey than now, as she continues to add a list of titles in her resume.

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