Berry Hearts Learns German

The popular artist has earned herself a certificate

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She is Botswana's favourite multi-talented Queen, Berry Heart is a performing artist: poet, singer, actress, dancer and image model. You might as well add fashion designer, German and French proficient speaker.

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The 32-year old Keotshepile Motseonageng, recently posted her German Certificate and how it is important to learn other languages. 

"It is great to learn an international language, this week I encourage you to learn German, inquire German Embassy Gaborone opportunities around learning German!"

Berry Hearts also informed people how they can go about enquiring at the Gaborone, German Embassy in Botswana. Back in 2016, she put her German skills to the test for Germany’s Schamrock Poetry Festival. She has a strong relationship with Germany, as her first single album, Mama, was produced in Germany by Daniel Schmidt of Chabreteure Productions in 2008.

The event is a worldwide network of poets and cultural institutions, she joined over 50 poets and musicians from 17 countries are expected from Argentina, Botswana, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Cyprus.

Her musical journey has been nothing but great, at the peak of 50 Shades fever, she released the cover art to one of her singles, Berry Heart for Dinner, which depicted her naked and tied, which might have given a few elders of Botswana a heart attack at the time. Speaking with The Botswana Gazette at the time, she expressed just why she’d decided to make such a bold statement and how her music reflects her feminist views.

"The campaign is a depiction of women in Botswana and other patriarchal societies.  We do not own our bodies because we’re depicted as sexual slaves.  We are raped even when decently dressed, sexually assaulted… Decency in women is nonexistent, they have already undressed us, we might as well get naked."

Berry Heart further went on to defend the cover photo saying it was not nudity, she argues that she was only being artistic and that in art there is no right or wrong, and that individuals interpret art differently.

The album boasted a lot of nice collaborations with A.T.I & the Botswana music legend Soccer Moruakgomo & Prez Beats. The impressive lyrics in songs Motswako and Sekgalagadi were no doubt made to steal your berry heart.

We love her work ethic and open-mindedness, her ability to re-imagine herself and be able to develop herself in her career. We will definitely be checking out that German language course, will you?
Main Image Credit: TSWAlebs