Berry Heart Gets A Scholarship

She is a woman on a mission

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Is there anything she can't do, she is Botswana's favourite multi-talented Queen, she is a performing artist: poet, singer, actress, dancer, image model, fashion designer, German and French proficient speaker. Now Berry Heart has decided to add one more qualification to her name.

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The talented star recently posted a Tweet of herself with two delegates from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, who were there to officially hand over her scholarship.

"This afternoon I was offered a scholarship by @Limkokwing_BW for my 2nd Bachelor's degree in  BA Creative Multimedia."

Berry Heart is on a mission to educate herself and promote this new-found passion to her followers, just recently the star shared that she acquired her German Certificate and how it is important to learn other languages. Back in 2016, she put her German skills to the test for Germany’s Schamrock Poetry Festival. She has a strong relationship with Germany, as her first single album, Mama, was produced in Germany by Daniel Schmidt of Chabreteure Productions in 2008.

"It is great to learn an international language, this week I encourage you to learn German, inquire German Embassy Gaborone opportunities around learning German!"

Berry Heart has an admirable work ethic and open-mindedness, with a strong ability to re-imagine herself and be able to develop herself in her career and life. You can just tell that she will pass this valuable skill to her child, who is already a business owner, all thanks to his mom. The new mother gifted her son a company which comes with a store and is named after him – Amari. The logo includes a profile image of a penguin, which also happens to have a coloured beak that is expected to resemble a child’s colouring.

Whilst Berry kept the content of the company a secret for the first few days, on Sunday, 18 October 2020, she revealed that the company was called – Amari Clothing, and is expected to retail children’s clothes. The first items of clothing showed two bucket hats. The pieces came in a solid white and solid green colour and showed a children-like design. The patter included rockets, music notes, molecular symbols and stars, and also incorporated the Amari logo at the middle of the cap.

It is inevitable that Amari will one day follow in the footsteps of his mom and become, not only a successful business person but also be highly educated with two bachelors degrees just his mom.

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