Berry Heart Urges Celebrities To Do Better

Berry drops some nuggets of wisdom

By  | Aug 18, 2022, 05:00 PM  | Berry Heart  | Top of The

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Ever had a bad experience with the so-called celebrities? Many people have suffered public shame, nasty attitudes, and many other bad vibes from celebrities. Although they are also humans, like anyone else, being nice and exercising some humanity to other people is key to having good relations with your fans. Well, at least Berry Heart has some nuggets of wisdom for fellow comrades in the world of showbiz.

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“I herewith request my fellow celebrities ( e nna ke celebrity ebile ga ke ngange le ope, I earned it) to try by all mean to be human. Being human means being hurt and also understanding that we have been unfair to other people and have hurt them in the process. We have hurt people out there, knowingly and unknowingly but I see us telling the public about people or the world being unfair to us.

I am rooting for a new wave of celebrities that will apologise publicly to the children they abandoned, the workers they did not pay, the girls and boys they raped/molested, the promoters that paid them and never attended the show nor refunded them and all the unfair treatment we have given out instead of always posting about the unfairness that happened to us. I urge my fellow celebrities to be humble enough to tag themselves on each other's projects if you think you can help.

If you think you are the missing puzzle to Charma Gal brand or Amantle Brown just do it and see where life throws you.  Nonetheless, we are in the same industry, we can stop looking at each other as a dangerous competition. Competition is OK as long as it's normal and healthy, but going an extra mile to sabotage a fellow celebrity because you think they can outshine you is actually the main reason why Botswana entertainment industry is at an infancy stage. 

Guys, there is a God who blesses us differently in different ways. There is also fate. We are all prawns under the celestial doings of fate while at a certain extend we are masters of our own fate. That is why we see certain brands still grow with or without your support, it is because they were meant for greatness.

Most significantly this industry is tough please look for psychological help. Nna counselling ke e tsamaya thata. Even spiritual mentorship. 

Finally, it's healthy to have a mentor and mentee. I have seen artists come and vanish into thin air simply because they never mentored another version of their brand to carry on the  legacy.

What is your purpose on celebville child of my mother?  Mine is to have a positive impact in society targeting arts industry and youth empowerment to bring the changes that I have always wanted to see. If you want change BE THE CHANGE. And that is the new Berry Heart. 

DISCLAMER: This is a general post to fellow celebrities, it is not targeted to any single individual. If shoes fit , and you get offended kindly receive my sincere apologies.

DEDICATION : Tebogo Mathiba ft Lizibobw and Tshepo Lesole : Itshwaralaneng.”

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