Berry Heart Speaks On Pregnant Women Who Smoke

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Berry Heart has got us thinking about a lot of things. This is after she asked a very important question on her Instagram account.

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She took to Instagram to say, "What is your take about pregnant mothers who smoke or people who smoke in the presence of pregnant mothers?"

Some people had these things to say. The Instagram user said, "Inhaling smoke firstly is considered dangerous either being direct or passive smoke, but for a pregnant lady...God forbid, the danger imposed in the child are dangerous firstly...before looking at the effects on lungs to the one smoking…pregnant ladies shouldn't be near smoke 📍"

Berry reminisced about the time her baby was a newborn. She said, "I remember how @babyamaribw refused to suck my breasts because he had already tasted bottled milk for the hours we were separated after the C-section, I didn't know how to breast feed also, when he finally sucked, it was so painful...the breast pump was the worst enemy...mmm what a journey..."

Post-partum depression le yone e ntshwere ka di washene"

Berry and her baby daddy Brian Sokesi have documented such an inspiring love story over the years and we are swooning. The lovebirds have become Botswana's favorite celebrity couple and their love is still blooming. It is unclear how long this lovely pairing has been riding for but they often melt our hearts when they take to social media to gush over each other.

In a post last year, Berry took to her social media account to celebrate Brian and thanked him for embarking on this beautiful chapter with him. In a sweet message she wrote, "This month I appreciate my love, Raagwe @babyamaribw Thank you for walking with me in this journey, thank you for the unconditional love, AGAPE! Thank you for being so different from me yet complementing me on many ways. I love you dearly!"

Brian is also not one to shy away from expressing the love he has for his wife. Two months ago, he penned a heart left and romantic message to Berry highlighting just how much he loves her.

"Allow me to reintroduce my love. She is fierce, gutsy, passionate, courageous, and resilient all at the same time. She gives her all to achieve what she has achieved, and will successfully achieve. Money does not impress her. She is a hard-working woman.

Sometimes becomes be a beauty and a beast. I have first handedly witnessed that She is a force determined to rise and be successful. She is someone who has and can build a firm foundation on any bricks others have thrown at her. She is
BERRY HEART," he shared.

The couple welcomed their baby Amari into the world in 2020. Betty took to social media to gush over him as he turned 5 months. She stated, “On the 14th June 2020, I gave birth to this bouncing baby boy @amarisokesi CEO of Baby Amari Clothing Apparel for kids 0-10 years. The Dr brought him to me, and all the pain disappeared, a rush of joy overwhelmed me, I said 'Bathong ke tshotse ngwana yo monte jang. They busted into a thunderous clap of laughter! Happy 5 months’ son," she wrote.

A month ago, the couple lost a family dog. The poet took to her Instagram account to share the heartbreaking news. In an emotional post, Berry revealed that her baby fur Peace Poppy was born in March and that she was killed by their other family dog.

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