Berry Heart says God gave her powers

And so she's quitting music

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As far as female entertainers go in Botswana Berry Heart is a polarizing figure; equally shunned and revered, ostracized and celebrated.  What sets her apart from many women trying to become household names is her brazen approach to her art and existence. Berry Heart bites her tongue for no one and isn’t scared to be authentically herself. 

At the peak of 50 Shades fever she released the cover art to one of her singles, Berry Heart for Dinner, which depicted her butt naked and tied, to the shock and glee of many Batswana. Speaking with The Botswana Gazette at the time, she expressed just why she’d decided to make such a bold statement. “The campaign is a depiction of women in Botswana and other patriarchal societies.  We do not own our bodies because we’re depicted as sexual slaves.  We are raped even when decently dressed, sexually assaulted… Decency in women is nonexistent, they have already undressed us, we might as well get naked”. 

In her case, the personal is political - what she represents as an individual can always be transposed to the larger scale of society. She is by no means a “good woman” by conventional (i.e patriarchal) standards. She is not meek and submissive and trying her hardest to blend into the background - She exists wholly as herself, as an autonomous, grown woman, and it makes people uncomfortable. Berry Heart shows young women that they too can be vocal and loud and that they don’t have to exist under the thumb of public perception to be successful. 

As a poet, musician and performer her work is unlike any other from around here. She’s collaborated with artists from all over the world - India, Kenya and even a(n) (in)famous priest from Ghana, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, who she seems to be very close with and described as “the most genuine person she’s ever met”.

“I am targeting artists from countries with huge populations.
See how my Indian collaboration worked wonders? 100,000 views in a week and international bookings.  That is what an artist from a small population needs. Music is a game of numbers.” She shared in an interview with Mmegi. 

A learned scholar as well, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (English), a certificate in German and an International Diploma in French, from Alliance Francaise, and is apparently also a successful farmer.

Recently though Berry Heart announced that she'd be quitting music for an indefinite period of time to focus on her spiritual growth. Her next album "Kgolo", named so to symbolize this period of growth and change, will essentially be her last. 
“I have decided to focus my energies on Evangelism. No I will not be opening a church anytime soon, well unless the powers of Kofi direct me to!” she shared during this interview with The Voice. “It is no secret that I am now able to heal people. But that is a topic for another day.”
Berry Heart

I mean... We guess, sure. Who are we to say what she can or cannot do? And she wouldn't be the first entertainer to try and secure the Religious bag, in any case. Joel "Ntsoro" Ketumile, Vee and now Berry Heart, some of the biggest names in our entertainment history have all ventured into some aspect of spirituality and whether that comes from an actual calling or opportunism is anybody's guess, really.
Ultimately, the world keeps on spinning and churches still aren't getting taxed.

Her new album will have a track with the legendary Ndingo Johwa which she's written a lengthy post about here.

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