Berry Heart Hold Charma Gal’s Hand!

The support they give each other is impeccable

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We know Berry Heart can be many things, a mother, a partner and a businesswoman as well as a singer but we never knew she holds certain relations very deeply that she would defend them with everything she has. The poetess is famous for many things, and no one knew that certain relations mean everything to her. She has been sharing everything that has to do Charma Gal’s upcoming show with Koffi.

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In case you were wondering why the two share such a dear relations, these whole friendships they share go a long way and she is only a friend who is sticking closer. I guess Charma Gal has found herself such a dear and selfless friend. We love how these two are smashing friendship goals. The one thing that creative need to do right now is to learn from these two’s formidable bond. 

I guess her heartfelt message touched many as almost every Motswana has a story to share about Charma Gal’s unwelcoming manners. But this is a new face of her that no one knew of that she can be very loving and supportive to other people. Well Berry heart has been touched by her a noble gesture and is hell bent to return the favor to her longtime friend and fellow act in the entertainment industry.

Some relationships are just special and come both ways and this is why Berry and Charma will be force in the entertainment industry because they hold each other’s hands.

“Charma Gal EXPOSED!

The year 2011 when I surfaced in the entertainment industry, ke re pachupachu ka album ya Germany ke bua sekgoa. @Dj SID monnamogolo made a review on the The Voice Newspaper Botswana . Ele poetry laced with music. Everyone a ntse are wena o sekgoa thata. One Day Kefilwe Flava Dome hosted me and Monkagedi Gaothobogwe from Mmegi wrote a nice article that Magatalena read, kana nne a ballwa ke Kabelo Nako ya teng ebile it doesn't matter.

Go be go ta Miss BOMU nnana. Charma ke ha a nkemetse ka dinao. I was with well established artists. A mpitsa BlackBerry ke dumela hela 🤣. Heela ka toga ka gatella basadi kana ka winner Miss BOMU. 1 2 1 2  ka 2015 ke bula Berry Heart Creations online shop le mo booting ya koloi. Magatalena was the first artist to buy my product.

Le gompieno jaana dia balwa tse di rekileng my product. I opened a Kitchen I Mochudi, Nne a ta go reka mosadi yo.  Go be gotwe nna ke nne moruti o tsididi ka show e tona ya di 29 Oct 2022 ko National Stadium. Ngngng! Ke bohile monangwaso ke teneditse mosese mo phenting ke fofela Charma barimong ba Sheboloongwe gore go rule she she rulago.

May your show with Koffi Olomide be a huge success. And it is done. Nna gape ga gona sepe se ke se endorsang se se sa berekeng. Im annointed like that. Now Shine Child of my mother! A di xale!”
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