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They say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice and in Berry Heart's case, all of it is true and then some, as she is a multi-talented Queen. Berry Heart is a performing artist: poet, singer, actress, dancer and image model.
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At the beginning of her rise to stardom, she was shamed for a lot-mainly showing off her ass-ets. Most people called her a major attention seeker but we suppose at the end of every controversial drama, she proves the haters wrong when the focus is on what she exposes and not what she is saying. 

The renowned poet has done so much and Berry is also among other things, a business woman and a gender activist. Some of us don’t even have the range, so we thought we’d  give you the biography of how she made a name for herself no matter how brazen the approach.

Berry Age

Berry Heart was born, Keotshepile Motseonageng, on the 19th of December 1987. She is 32 years old. 

Berry Heart Education

Berry, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (English), a certificate in German and an International Diploma in French, from Alliance Francaise, released her first poetry album, in 2011, a production titled, Giving Birth to Love.
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Berry Heart Boyfriend

Now, the talent is a young mummy and a partner to her long time boyfriend. She has shared her bae, very lovingly on social media. 
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The actress revealed that she is pregnant and she was thrilled to share the news with her fans. The momma even said as much in her feature in Celebrity World Magazine.

"My pregnancy journey has been an indescribable experience so far, having this baby is a blessing from God "

loves to show off her fabulous maternity style and fans are loving it. Proving how resourceful she is she is also promoting her new clothing line called Berry Heart collections. The mommy to be never misses the opportunity to model in the range on her Instagram page.
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Berry Heart Career

Her first single album, Mama, was produced in Germany by Daniel Schmidt of Chabreteure Productions in 2008. She was the front woman of her band, Quest and they made it to My African Dream’s Top 8.
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Berry was also the first lady in Botswana to have a poetry organisation called, “Poetry for Thought.’ This is an organisation made for young poets who write poetry focusing on intellectual themes of matters concerned.

Berry Heart Music

At the peak of 50 Shades fever she released the cover art to one of her singles, Berry Heart for Dinner, which depicted her naked and tied, which might have given a few  elders of Botswana a heart attack at the time. Speaking with The Botswana Gazette at the time, she expressed just why she’d decided to make such a bold statement. 

The campaign is a depiction of women in Botswana and other patriarchal societies.  We do not own our bodies because we’re depicted as sexual slaves.  We are raped even when decently dressed, sexually assaulted… Decency in women is nonexistent, they have already undressed us, we might as well get naked. 

Berry's Twitter Post of her Album cover, For Dinner

Berry Heart has defended the cover photo saying it is not nudity.  She argues that she was only being artistic and that in art there is no right or wrong, and that individuals interpret art differently.

The album boasted a lot of nice collaborations with A.T.I & the Botswana music legend Soccer Moruakgomo & Prez Beats. The impressive lyrics in songs Motswako and Sekgalagadi will no doubt steal your  berry heart. This gave us true insight to never, judge a book by its cover.

Berry Heart Business

A very smart business woman, she launched her lingerie line, For Dinner Lingerie, December 2015, same date as her birthday. Berry heart has also managed to launch a clothing line called, Berry Heart Creations. She usually promotes the range on her Instagram and had the opportunity to be dazzled in her brilliant work during her pregnancy too.

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Berry Heart Controversy 

No one gets the crowd as riled up quiet like Berry and she set tongues wagging at the Okavango International Poetry festival in Maun in 2012 when she made a passionate public marriage proposal to the President.

But Berry Heart's most shocking moment was when she announced that she'd be quitting music for an indefinite period of time to focus on her spiritual growth. Her next album "Kgolo", named so to symbolize this period of growth and change, was essentially  her last. She shared during an interview with The Voice:
I have decided to focus my energies on Evangelism. No I will not be opening a church anytime soon, well unless the powers of Kofi direct me to! It is no secret that I am now able to heal people. But that is a topic for another day.
She has since expanded her business on women's swimwear and clothing  and has taken a liking to working out at the gym.
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So Far, So Good

Many will say that Berry has since calmed down on the antics, since she has focused her energies into her business and her family.

Berry Heart Philanthropy

She still has passion for her projects based in poetry and uplifting women in the arts.She once sponsored the BOMU awards best female category with P 10 000 and continues to do philanthropic work around Botswana.

We wonder what is next for the poet,  a jewelry line? Or a docu-series? Or better yet, a tell all book of her career and life-love her or hate her, Berry Heart is always going to make an entrance and take up space all up in your beautiful face.

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