Berry Heart Appreciated For Being A Support System

Its a sisterhood

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We know just how much Berry Heart goes all the way for her close sisters in the entertainment industry and take this beyond sisterhood. She has been recently been applauded for being such an unforgettable support system during dark days by the former Miss Botswana Public relations officer. 

She took to Facebook to reminder her how she stood by her during the toughest seasons of her life and giving her something to be grateful when nothing was making sense in her life. Just when we thought Berry Heart only has a few sisters in the entertainment industry, she has just proven that her heart is just too big for everyone.

“Back to my series ya Bash's long list of firelighters. 1 of million gratitude to my coco berry heart and all those who are our firelighters. Note: A firelighter to Bash is someone or something with the ability to evoke life in us. Literally someone or something with the ability to CONNEKT us with gallon portions of Self – Believe. Note, K instead of C is INTENTIONAL.

True Story: 1. It was day X, month X, donkey years ago when Bash ane a welwa ke seru. Kene ke lela then, now it actually feels like a lifetime ago, Go supa go fola. 2. I literally felt my life carve in and wondered what would be of Bash's future. 3. In sharing with my Coco Berry Heart amongst a few close ones, her response was

"Tanki Modimo o diragaletswe ke se se go diragaletseng. It needed to happen   to you in order for you to realise that you are more than  capable. In order for you to realise that you are not average, you are LEVELS LEVELS LEVELS."

On point  number 3. Se ne se itiragalela se ne se le botlhoko whilst you Coco breathed life into me. You got me to dig deeper into what I am about. From there you continued to hold my hand as I embarked on "project reclaim Bash. "A transformation journey which is still ongoing”. Number 5, My WHY to this post:

A. Sometimes we take it for granted that our floors are actually other people's ceilings. As in taking for granted that we are actually LEVELS in our own special ways in certain areas. When diemo dire diragalela re le rona re kgona to dim our own lights where we actually are LEVELS. Thank you Coco Berry Heart for helping me in  recognising my VALUE. Thank you for  holding my hand with my transformation journey . Kene ke sa bone gape kgapetsa kgapetsa kgapetsa ke itebala of my VALUE.

Because kene ke sa itemoge my VALUE, plenty times I was self distructive. Kore ke sa itshware ka tsela ene ke tshwanetse go itshwara ka yone for my LEVELS.Thank you thank you thank you thank you for having been my FIRELIGHTER

Disclaimer: Acknowledgement that VALUE can't be forced. Acknowledgement that at any given time we can't be RELEVANT to ALL and its ok. #Gratitudemode #smallyetbiglifepleasures.”
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