Berry Heart Gushes Over Her Son

"Thank you for making my year"

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All-around entertainer Berry Heart, has decided to gush over her baby boy as the year draws to an end, saying she is grateful for everything. The musician said this year was her best year following giving birth to her bundle of joy.

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Berry thanked her son for teaching her that in life there are priorities and that some things do not matter. 

"For me, 2020 was a good year. Actually one of my best years. 
@BabyAmari6 thank you for making my year and also for teaching me that in life there are priorities and some things don't really matter," she tweeted.
The musician recently penned a sweet post expressing her excitement on the soon arrival of her bundle of joy. This follows after she remained mum on whether she has given birth or not.

"Yesterday was on those days I slept on the wrong side of the bed and woke up the same, went to the kitchen to make my warm lemon water when I returned to the bedroom, my son was up, screaming and laughing. My whole negative emotions I woke up with was immediately transformed into happiness. How possible can such a small handsome thing have the power to change my life positively like that? I thank God for you @amarisokesi for always warming me up with smiles and screams every morning even when I feel like my life is falling apart."

The talented star recently posted a Tweet of herself with two delegates from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, who were there to officially hand over her scholarship.

"This afternoon I was offered a scholarship by @Limkokwing_BW for my 2nd Bachelor's degree in  BA Creative Multimedia."

Berry Heart has an admirable work ethic and open-mindedness, with a strong ability to re-imagine herself and be able to develop herself in her career and life. You can just tell that she will pass this valuable skill to her child, who is already a business owner, all thanks to his mom. The new mother gifted her son a company which comes with a store and is named after him, Amari. 

The logo includes a profile image of a penguin, which also happens to have a colored beak that is expected to resemble a child’s coloring. Berry is Botswana's favorite multi-talented Queen, she is a performing artist: poet, singer, actress, dancer, image model, fashion designer, German, and French proficient speaker. 

Image Cred: Instagram @Berry_Beart

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