"I'm giving away most of my closet" - Ammo

He's collecting clothes and toys for the less privileged

By  | May 22, 2020, 12:47 PM  | Balaclava Blanco  | Top of The

At the beginning of the Festive Season Balaclava Boss (Ammo Ski Mask) announced that he'd be putting together a collection to accumulate clothes and toys for the less fortunate. Since his health scare over the weekend he seems to be steadily recovering and he took to Twitter to let followers and fans that he's still accepting donations to be given away next week.

He shared that he'd be donating a majority of his clothes from the year as well, in a bid to make somebody's festive season just a little bit better.
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As yet it doesn't look like he's made mention of where exactly they'll be going (An orphanage, organization, school) but we guess those willing to donate could find that out directly. It's a noble effort, nonetheless, to try and make this time of year better for those without the resources to make it the best time for themselves.

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