Babes Is Ready To Do Anything For Sponge

But she says she will shield him from this.

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The social media world is one, as they always say, that is not meant for the weak because they can shred you to pieces and you will fall if you are not strong enough. Self-proclaimed Gqom queen Babes Wodumo has even learned to guard her family against the harsh world of social media.  Now that she is a mother she will do anything not to expose her baby boy to that harsh world. 

Despite how many people have been asking her when she will share pictures of her baby, Babes is fiercely protective of her son. She says she is not ready to give them a glimpse of her Sponge anytime soon.

The entertainer says this is because of the negativity on social media so they are willing to maintain their children's privacy online.

"Social media users have a tendency to post nasty comments. They don't consider the feelings of the person whom they are commenting about. That is the cruelty that us celebrities have to deal with almost everyday. This cruelty doesn't affect only us but our families as well.” said Babes.

"So as caring parents we can't exposé our son to such cruelty." The couple has not released the real name of their son yet, and it seems the world will have to wait a while before they do. 

The nickname Sponge came after Mampintsha's mom went on a rant after Babes and Mampintsha did not invite her to their wedding.

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