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Atasaone is a legend

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Born Atasaone Molemogi, ATI is one of the unique celebrities in Botswana. The controversial personality was born in the land of Serowe, were the founding fathers of Botswana come from. He was ushered into the limelight back in the days with his hit songs such as ‘Polao ya motho’ where he rounded social media and the news over claims that he has kidnapped someone. The tear dropped personality was just pulling a stunt for his hit song ‘polao ya motho’. Ever since that day, the star has been making news every day because of his controversies.

He is one of the celebrities who have been struggling to let go of drug abuse and have went on rehab before. This was his attempt to beat his addiction. The star was rumored to be taking drugs that kept him awake for many nights. His battle for drugs went on and on and has since admitted that his addiction won’t go overnight. The hyperactive personality has also admitted in the past that he has some form of spirituality hence his songs like ‘komiriso’. He has made claims that somehow he has powers of communicating with the universe and that the universe also speaks to him.

However, that does not change the fact that the ‘stimamolelo’ hit maker is such a talent. Though he has faced scrutiny from fellow artists, he has never opted to quit his career as many people advised him. The star was never moved by the haters and has continued to live his mark. It was over time that he won many people’s hearts and was now receiving bookings after bookings and was now receiving awards. Today ATI has become a renowned star. He has been a force in the past and today he has cemented himself as one of the best local rappers.

One of ATI’s historic moments was when he openly lashed out at the government and accused them of snubbing Batswana. He called out the government for not prioritizing Batswana and that the system has made it difficult for Batswana to ever succeed. He demanded to be allowed to meet the president and any people rallied behind him. People could relate to his claims as they were ultimately true. ATI was distressed by the livelihoods of Batswana and he wanted to see change. It was then that he was told to meet the Minister of Youth Tumiso Rakgare.

He refused to meet him went to the state house, made a video demanding to see the President. That was when he was arrested and all hell broke loose. Many people were mobilized and demanded that their messiah should be released from jail. It was one of the historic moments in Botswana: an artist laying down his life for the liberation of many. The star was later released and even though he did not want to meet Rakgare he later did.

Another historic moment was when he did his own One Man Show where there was no line and filled the stadium to the brim. This was one incident in the country that has never happened before. Many thought the show was doomed for failure but he did it again. The ‘Khiring Khorong’ has proved on many occasions that  he is a legend. 

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