Artists Who Set The Bar High In Botswana!

Here is a list of hit makers in Botswana

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The music industry has been growing in leaps and bounds in Botswana. There has been a huge transition over time, with artists bringing in a twist to the music scene. We love how any artists are rising to the occasion with their talent. While there are many artists who slay in beats and sound, here are some of the artists who have set the industry ablaze with their talent.

The trio rose to fame last year with their hit song ‘ngwana wa mosetsana’. The song flooded airwaves, television scene and subsequently Ubuntu Band made a debut in the limelight. The trio was under the tutelage of famous and seasoned content creator Director Mo. They have since made an international collaboration with a Lesotho sensation styled as Malome Vector. The ‘nobody’ hitmaker scored Ubuntu Band yet another hit song dubbed ‘mangoane.’ Today they have become forces to be reckonedwith, doing the most in the industry.

His career spans for more than two decades now. The pint sized sensation entered the limelight in 2001 with his debut single dubbed ‘Taku Taku.’ From that time till now, the talented kwaito kwasa artist has been untouchable. He has now made international collaborations with the most sought-after artists such as Makhadzi, Dr Malinga, Charma Gal, and many other reputable talents. His hit songs, ‘Dumalana’ and ‘ Zope’ has become one of the most danced to tunes in Botswana.

The comedian who became a motswako artist took many by surprise when he dropped his hit song ‘tinto’. The song which features the struggles of the comedian/rapper left fans shocked by his talent. The song hit millions of views on YouTube and has since been one of the most celebrated pieces in Botswana. Just like Ubuntu Band, Motsetserepa has been under the guidance of Director Mo and he has been nailing his songs.

Khoisan is a group originally put together by the multi-award winner and producer, Suffocate, who signed them to the award winning record label after their victorious win from the auditions the record label, held in 2018. Their music is a fusion of soul, Borankana, Phathisi, Tsutsube, and other Tswana traditional dance patterns, Afro Jazz, and Afro pop. The group endeavors to fuse their diverse and beautiful voices to produce what can only be described as a melodic and harmonious yield. The duo has been treating their fans to some soothing music such as ‘Mpoledisa’ and ‘Marabele’.

When she auditioned for My Star talent show, no one knew that one day she will be a star in the music industry today. Although she did not win the competition, she went home and came back later to the music scene with smashing songs. She released a song dubbed ‘black mampatile’ and fans astounded by her talent. Amantle Brown also made collaborations with powerhouses such as Juju Boy, Dj Kuchi, Chef Gustos and many more artists. She has also worked as a judge on My Star talent show.

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