Amantle Brown Biography: Age, Career, Break ups, Awards, Songs, Come Back

Unpack this songstress' life story

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When you talk about RNB in Botswana, you can’t skip over the RNB sensation that is Amantle Brown

We're about to unpack this songstress' life and have her sing the notes of her journey to stardom.

Amantle Brown Age

Amantle Brown is a local RnB artist, who rose to fame during her days on a local talent show known as My Star. She was born on the 19th of November 1993 and she will 27 years old this year.

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Amantle Brown Career

With her debut album dubbed ‘Sa Pelo’ she scored herself multiple nominations. She has made a trademark with her unapologetic stage presence which always leave her audience enthralled.  The local singer made a collaboration with ex boyfriend, Matswako artist  Jujuboy, called Follo which has a hint of Nigeria in it.

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In 2016, Amantle Brown was indisputably the hottest musician in Botswana courtesy of her two songs; ‘Black Mampatile’ and ‘Moratiwa’ which recurrently topped Botswana’s Top 20 most played songs across all the five major radio stations in the country:  Duma FM, Gabz FM, RB1, RB2 and Yarona FM.

For the entire duration of May 2016; Amantle Brown’s ‘Black Mampatile’ spun 97 times across all the five radio stations and continued its dominance during the month of June with 73 spins.

Clearly Amantle was showing signs of being a major hitmaker and one of Botswana’s finest.

She told in 2016:
My team and I want nothing but to create an international brand in Amantle Brown hence my image is totally going to undergo major transformation this year. We also want a diversified sound, with more tempo and international collaborations. I want to see my brand creating employment opportunities for the youth in the entertainment industry or performance arts. Furthermore, I want to stay away from negativity and just do me. I also don’t want to compete with anyone but myself! 

And so far, we see no competition. She's set the bar and she's ruling the top spot in RnB very securely.

Amantle Brown Addresses Misconceptions

Amantle Brown's Relationships & Break Ups

Unfortunately, her love life was not as secure as her bag was-well, not as much as the public assumed.

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Her love affair with another musician Jujuboy of Hurt Me was probably a classic template on how artists could  fall in love with each other. The duo was always together, shared gigs and everything else in between. Which had most of us, routing for the duo throughout their relationship, did anyone say #couplegoals?

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However, they say ‘all good things come to an end” and the couple called it quits.

Amantle was quick to set her foot forward back into the studio to do music – her first love and put her emotions from the split into song.

The song dubbed ‘Lethabo’  is a break-up song which speaks about what she went through while dating the ‘Hurt me’ hit maker.

Amantle told WeekendLife that, the song is about a guy who did not want anything. He does not want to have kids, marriage and a woman in his life. It is also about a failed relationship.  Was that tea or shade? Or both?

The single was released ahead of her upcoming album which was released on April 30 2019. She told WeekendLife that she is trying to find strength again as well as putting her music career back on track.

“My team lost focus. Behind the scenes, it was a mess. So I need to clean the house,” she said. She stated that her relationship somehow held her back and she lost track of where she is headed in her career. “When you are always together you start taking less time in focusing on my craft and I started being lazy. I was not as intrigued as before,” she said. The talented singer further shared with WeekendLife that Lethabo is not different from her hit songs such as Moratiwa and Black Mampatile.

She released a much-anticipated sophomore project after the break up with the stand out track being Bereka Mosadi which means Work, Woman – an anthem for Southern African women to pursue their dreams.

Read on Amantle's views on women working together here

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Amantle Brown's Nominations & Awards

She was nominated for several awards and won Botswana Music Union Awards Best RnB and Best New Comer in 2015. 
Since then she has also collaborated with other artists with amazing music.

Amantle Brown Now

She has the titles songwriter, singer, and performer to her resume and she’s known to deliver quality all rounded performances. Her work now extends to being a judge on Melody Gospel Television on Botswana Television.

Her collaboration with A.T.I on Paakanyo, if it’s anything to go by, surely proves that Amantle Brown is back with a bang.

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Despite everything, she said she's back to business, “I am currently focusing on pushing my music like an upcoming artist because I am not going to fold my arms and say I am Amantle Brown,” she said.

Late last year she also featured on a track with DJ Dj Gouveia & Kesly Kaizer Serapo titled Mpumelele.

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A true testament that Ms Brown is a hard worker and that maybe we shouldn't say "she's back"-she clearly never left.

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