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She keeps melting hearts.

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Instagram star Alicia Ferguson, daughter of Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson, embarks on a new journey today and we couldn't be happier for her. Alicia better took the nation by storm ever since she made her debut on social media, showing us how close she is to her family.

More often than not, we've seen her spend a lot of time with her mom, Connie. If they are not in the gym pushing each other to do their best, then they are seen showing off their dance moves. On that let's just say Alicia is a great teacher and Connie knows how to catch up fast. We can't wait for the next video.

In celebration of Alicia's 19th birthday, here's a look at the times she had us fall in love with her over and over again.

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Alicia fights with her mom? 

Ever since Alicia made her debut on the social streets, we've her take the time to hit the gym with her mom. The two have become great gym buddies and it is cute to see Connie teaching her daughter to take care of herself at such a young age.

Alicia went through an intense workout and in a series of Instagram stories shared by Connie, the mother and daughter duo can be seen sweating the fat off for the grueling session.

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Clearly, Alicia has a fighting spirit just like her mom, but did she finish that session?

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Alicia Ferguson gets her mother's appraisal

Alicia’s long hours of hard work and focus finally paid off as she passed her 2020 final matric examinations with flying colors.

Alicia Ferguson has always been following her dreams and doing what she loves, and as the results were released, there was a palpable tension to see who made it and who didn’t.

Her proud mama Connie took to social media to gush over her daughter's latest achievement. In a lengthy post on her Instagram post, Connie Ferguson penned a heartfelt message celebrating her results, despite the COVID-19 pandemic which affected the 2020 academic year.

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Alicia exchanges blows with Lesedi

Ali and Lesedi, have definitely taken a page out of their mom’s book when it comes to working out, and are all aboard the fitness train – full steam ahead!

Lesedi explained that one of their sessions with personal trainer, Sinalo Nokele was as grueling as ever, but they somehow managed to get through it. The sisters were seen doing each exercise side by side and progressed to doing the same routine together, and finally with one another. They motivated each other throughout and managed to keep their eyes on the prize up until the very end.

But did one of them give up midway?

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Alicia shows off her dance moves

When it comes to dance moves, Connie Ferguson sure definitely knows her way around the dance floor, but Alicia proved that she's the dance queen. Thanks to her, Connie got to know a thing or two about today's modern dance moves.

Connie shared a video of herself and her daughter after their gym session busting out a few dance moves. In the video, Alicia can be heard instructing her mother on what to do to perfect the dance move.

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Shona Ferguson gets schooled by Alicia

Shona is the greatest dad anyone could ask for and Alicia can definitely attest to that. After he announced his partnership with Dove’s Men’s Care for a campaign, titled, #DadsCareChallenge which called for dads to showcase the various ways they bond with their kids and create wonderful memories with them, he shared the most beautiful video with his daughter Alicia.

The video shows him getting a drum lesson from Alicia who is very musically inclined. Although what seemed quite simple for Ali, it turned out to be the opposite for Shona.

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