7 Times We Loved Palesa In The Wilderness

She was just breathtaking

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During her reign Palesa Molefe was engaged by Botswana Tourism for their discover Botswana campaign. Palesa travelled across the country and shared snippets of some of the tourism and heritage sites in the country. She did it beautifully and brought to the surface some of the most beautiful places in the country. Here are some of the places she visited .

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Tsabong Camel Park
Most people do not know that Botswana have camels and lots and lots of those. This is one of the places that Palesa showed Batswana and we just loved how she snapped herself next to those.

This was so much fun, I have to admit the adrenaline child inside me loved riding the Quad bikes a little too much! The last time I was in Tsabong Camel Park was just over five years ago so revisiting it was such a thrill and brought back so many great memories.

I was reminded about the fun fact that Tsabong Village is home to the largest number of camels in Botswana hosting over 400 camels ! Honestly Botswana never ceases to amaze me with her vast beauty and recreational activities."

Khawa Sand Dunes
Nothing is as beautiful as seeing the Queen relating with the kids living in the dunes and seeing her sliding down the dunes. What a breathtaking view.

"Sliding down the dunes , having spontaneous chants and cheers as well as learning a bit of the Afrikaans dialect from the kids.

My interaction with the children in the community was nothing short of heart warming and an introduction to this vibrant personality that is the village of Khawa.

These here are the Khawa Sand Dunes, Around 160km south west of Tsabong, Botswana. The Red Scenic Sands add more reason to why my Botswana is so beautiful and vast."

Gakhibane Cultural Rocks
She paid a visit to this heritage site and arrayed it with her beauty. The Queen in a donkey cart, something that represents the livelihoods of people living in the rural areas of Botswana. This post was captioned.

"Located in the land of ancient cultures, home of the regal black mane lion, vast spaces and spectacular glittered night skies. The kgalagadi, Botswana."

Goo Moremi Gorge
This is one of the heritage sites in the country and one of the most visited tourism sites in the country. She sure dazzled in this place with a post captioned.
"Goo Moremi Gorge Resort, nestled between the scenic Tswapong Hills and the Goo Moremi Gorge .

Well Known for it’s guided nature walks, hiking expeditions and the historic Sir Seretse Khama Alarm Stone is a hidden gem full of amazing landscapes. The cliffs above the gorge provide breeding sites for the rare Cape Vulture. Our Beautiful Botswana"

The Old Palapye ruins
This is one of the historic sites in the country that tells a tale of the lifestyle of our ancestors in the past. It is one of the preserved sites in the country because of the distinctive buildings.
"It consists of several sites such as the MmaBesi grave, the remains of the London Missionary Church, Prison, a Market Centre, some European and African gravesites, as well as a concentration of potsherds and porcelain.

Fun Fact! This is the church were the 3 Dikgosi prayed before departing to seek protection for Botswana

Tuli Safari Lodge
We loved how the Queen was creative with this view and pose. It shows us the creative side of our Miss Botswana.

"Just outside Tuli Safari Lodge in the Mashatu Game Reserve, We saw this rockery. And my first thought was ‘ wow, God’s imagination really showed off here. ‘

Standing here and taking these brought up so much emotion in me. We fear the unknown sometimes, not knowing what the next chapter of our lives may bring. But trusting the growth of your light can ignite so may more fires and before you know it, you are part of a movement that set the world a blaze.

Baskets In the Tuli
What many people love about Palesa is her creative side in front of the camera. She knows how to sun in front of the camera and this picture she brings out the beauty of the basketry.

"What you’re looking at are the Amazing Basketry works by the women in Motlhabaneng village.
Ditlatlana as we call them in setswana are woven from mokolwane tree found in most river banks around the country.

There are different kinds of weaving styles and techniques around Botswana. These particular baskets are woven by the Tsatsi Le Etla Basket Group weavers who use different trees in the Bobirwa region to dye and create different."
 coloured baskets. A great reminder of just how amazing our culture is.
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