5 times we loved Thobo Kerekang in a Keno Suit

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Thobo Kerekang is one of the local celebrities who rose to the limelight during his Magosi fame. Magosi was a Motswako group under Eric Ramco that spat deep lyricism. Kerekang went by the name Ruxion and he left the music industry to tap into the world of fashion still on that note, he has been a trailblazer. Keno Suits is known for bringing out the gentleman finery and Kerekang has represented his brand on many occasions and we loved it.

Nothing beats the beauty of a man in a suit. They always resonate with the style and class of a man. Many ladies love it when a man is looking all formal in a suit. They exert that gentleman regalia. This is why a man in a suit is common in all professional sets up. Keno suit makes you be addressed the way you are dressed.

Keno Suits is not only under Thobo Kerekang but it is also a partnership between him and Donald Nnoto. The two have been shifting the world of fashion and class. Though they also make designs for women as well, it is their type of suits for men that have always stood out for the people. The brand has attracted the eye of huge celebrities making them the one thing on demand across the country. We love it when a man is putting on a Keno Suit.

They have used different terms to describe their brand this tagline has always stood out for them, “Your worth can't be summed up to your looks and clothing; it is in the company you keep and the respect you give and demand from your peers. It is more than just the cut of your suit; it is that 'Custom Cut'. A Keno suit comprises of key things which flare its love for the fabric and the owner no matter the circumstances.”

Celebrities that love finer things in life have been spotted on so many occasions in this fine custom cut suit. Resego Motlhokathari, Loungo Adre Pitse, all-time loved comedian Mjamaica, and the Miss Botswana current queen Palesa Molefe have also been plugged. This was proving enough that Keno Suits is common amongst local celebrities and it is leaving its own mark. The brand that has stood the test of time is currently bringing the most fashionable suits and we love it when we see it on our celebrities.

Kerekang and Nnoto have not given what they do not have. We have seen them on different occasions looking dapper on their brand. Kerekang has been super handsome on Keno suits and many times many admired his sense of style. Whether on a Keno long coat, or a Keno suit and however he wish to throw in his style, he is always classy!. The former rapper has mastered the gentleman style and we love how he pulls off all the fashion stops for his brand. It’s the dedication to style and brand for us. These are some of the 5 incidents that stole the show for us.

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