5 Things To Know About Miss Botswana 2019

Miss Botswana pageant is not just about beauty but it is a ceremony that depicts national and international pride.

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With just 3 days away till the Miss Botswana 2019 fashion show, Botswana’s most prestigious pageant is looking to cut down from 30 contestants to 12. 

Here are a few things to know about the beauty pageant. 

The crown 

The beautiful monument represents what a Botswanan woman is, a true noblewoman.  The crown ensembles the true identity and dignity of an African woman. The idea of making the crown was to incorporate indigenous material, that blends cultures and customs of Botswana 

‘Mosadi Wa Thwathwa’ is the name given to the crown and the woman who will be wearing it with pride, will be a representation of it and bring back the dignity of the pageant. 

The woman who will be wearing this crown during the grand finale in September will be a proud ambassador of the country 

Top 30 fashion show 

The fashion show and announcement of the top 12 will be taking place on the 17th of August at the Cresta Lodge in Gaborone. It will start at 6PM till late. The fashion show will be a deciding factor as to who gets chosen to be a finalist for Miss Botswana 2019. 

Kaone Monamodi is the runway coach and expert who has been training our ladies for the fashion show. 

The aspirant Queens have been preparing day and night for the show as it decides their fate in the competition. They have been working tirelessly perfecting their struts and poses, walks and choreography. To deliver what is said to be an astounding display of elegance. 

Top 12 

The most anticipated event thus far, the crowing being the ultimate, is promising to be a stellar display of what a Botswanan queen looks like. The top 12 contestants will be chosen based on the number of votes each of them receives. The one with the most votes automatically qualifies for the grand finale. 

A favourite can be voted for using their number and SMS that number to 17272, and get them in the semi-finals. 

The partners 

Afro Botho provided the ladies with self-care talks for both body and mind. Mother Botho provided the ladies with an intensive mindfulness and awareness session. They offer corporate packages and more. 

Fifi Fab Beauty took care of their faces and physical bodies, healthy eating and ensured they looked great. The beauty spa has been partnering with Miss Botswana since 2018. 

Options Botswana also jumped on board.

Nora Cosmetics have also done their role in ensuring the ladies get to know more about make-up and cosmetics industry by offering tutorials.

Local fashion and accessory designers Talama collection, Mpho’s Closet, Afromuse Designs and Millinery Miller are local brands and jewellery designers from Botswana to get the ladies glammed up. 

The Aim and Purpose 

Previous misdemeanours hindered the integrity of the show and organisers are looking to bring back the dignity and respect to the show. Reigning queen Manase-Ntau who is former Miss Botswana herself was part of the selection of the contestants. 

There have been negative thoughts about this competition and many people opposing it. Many disregarding its aims and intentions by demeaning it to a competition that allows women to compete to be better looking than the other woman, and prance around naked whilst doing so. 

However, Ntau says that the pageant allows for the creation of jobs for women in the creative industry. It also allows for the creation of opportunities to young women, that they would have not had prior to the show. 

Good luck to the ladies!

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