24 Year Old Swipes A Million Worth Jeep: Batswana Cant Heal!

He is living the dream

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Omphile Siphiwe Boikanyo is one of the most prominent forex traders in the country. The Mochudi native brags of thousands of money in his account and the lump sum of money he makes through forex.

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Also known as General Motaso, the 24 year old trader is turning heads in the country for his ability to make money through Forex. He has been in the country for some time but recently he relocated to Midrand, South Africa together with his fiancée and together they are living a life many cannot achieve at an older age.

Many love to hate him, but love or hate him he is very successful and very rich at a very young age. He is one of the traders who are hated for telling the truth as it is. He does not beat around the bush and he calls a spade a spade. He has in the past been accused of being prideful and braggadocios.

The young, rich and famous is not event moved an inch about a word on the streets. He has rather advised people to stay away from poverty by investing their last money on Nasdaq and The Sisters. This is a company that he runs and also offers mentorship on forex.

Recently he purchased a million worth Jeep and the news of his new ride has silenced many and also left haters shocked. He shared with his over 70 000 followers on Facebook that the machine has always been his dream car.

“I had dreams that school and work couldn't finance but Nasdaq and her sisters made them a reality, it is for that reason I persistently recommend that you invest your last money in it. Ee Money is POWER! Money is the oil that lubricates every engine part of life and is the 6th sense that makes others function properly it is important that you have it. I’m just a small fish swimming in a big pond. We thank God,” he said.

He has urged his followers to grab opportunities whenever they are presented to them without even hesitating

“Always put yourself and your interests first don't waste time trying to evaluate what's in it for people who present the idea to you  look only at what's in it for you,how well can it help you then give it a try if it fails keep trying until a better idea comes that works for you.

Keep in mind that there are millions of people in the world hungry for success,every opportunity you miss someone else takes it.

Never fear taking risks in life! if you sit down with a rich man they will tell you of many attempts they made on many opportunities before getting where they are. Most of these things are things you are not willing to go through yet you want to be successful it doesn't make sense.

The reason why rich people keep getting richer is that they are opportunistic investors, taking risks made them rich so they take every opportunity that comes their way then fail on some and succeed on some then become richer while you who live in fear of things not going your way and worry of people succeeding  stay POORER.”
After dropping the news of his newly purchased car Batswana reacted to such an achievement.
Some however urged Batswana to be vigilant instead.
Batswana were so amazed by the news that he was trending and he has been trending since.
Main Pic from Omphile Boikanyo's Facebook Account
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