The Queen Cast Bid Farewell To Shona Ferguson

It really is a sad day

By  | Aug 04, 2021, 09:44 AM 

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Actor and TV producer Shona Ferguson will be laid to rest in a moving private ceremony today attended only by his family and close friends. His passing has sent shockwaves across the world and it will take time for many to heal following the tragic loss.

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As part of the COVID-19 protocols, his employees at Fergusom Films were only able to attend a drive-by funeral service where his coffin passed by the set of The Queen Mzansi.

His employees including the likes of Rapulana Seiphemo, Zandile Msutwana and Zenande Mfenyana gathered to pay their last respect to the late veteran actor.

The Queen actress Jessica Nkosi took to social media to pen a heartfelt tribute to Shona and expressed how deeply saddened she is by his passing.

"This doesn’t feel real. God please be with his family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, and everyone who looked up to him. This is not easy to accept. God please be with mam Connie, Lesedi, Ali, Roro, ousi Lorato… carry them oh God, hold them. I’m so sorry mama, I’m so sorry And Mr Sho…. THANK YOU!!! Thank you to you and mam Connie…Thank you for your confidence in me, thank you for believing in me and many of us, thank you for sharing your wisdom. There is no way anyone could have a conversation with you and not be changed and be ready to conquer!!! You spoke life always, positivity, God, strength, passion, doing what you love and going for it no matter what people say. You taught us to believe in ourselves and know that God has equipped us."

Shona's employees reckoned that they will miss his warm hugs, the smell of his perfume and his random visits on set and how he treated them like colleagues and not his employees.

"Set will not be the same without you. Your random visits, you could just smell by your perfume that okay Mr Sho is somewhere here lol. And then when they called cut you would walk in and great each and every cast and crew member How everyone at work adores you, we will miss you. Lala kahle," she concluded.

Speaking to the SABC Zenande Mfenyana said she will miss his warm hugs and said it does not feel right to speak about him in the past tense. In a heartfelt tweet, she wrote,

"Boroko bo fedile I can’t believe today we have to say our final goodbyes to Mr “My wife”  Yho this man loved and adored his wife and children! Mama Connie, Sedi, Ali, Roro we are crying with you  I’m so sorry my loves."

The first time I met the power couple that is Mam’Connie & Mr Sho was in 2013 at an end of year function, I sat on the same table as them, and I thought to myself, they don’t know me yet, but one day I will work with them 

"And when I told them I was expecting a bundle of joy, they were so overjoyed  and they told me they would make sure it gets written into the storyline. They embraced my pregnancy to the point of giving me a changing room closer to set so that I don’t strain myself"

And they gave me 5 months paid maternity leave guys  I will forever love and cherish everything this amazing power couple have done for me, I can’t imagine the one without the other, that’s why my heart shatters everytime I think of Mam’Connie

May his soul rest in peace.

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