The One Thing You Didn't Know About Charma Gal

She is a legend!

By  | Jan 14, 2021, 09:33 AM 

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Charma Gal has been in the the news in 2020 for all the right reasons. The beautiful songstress’s video Mokolodi has hit over a million views on Youtube. The video was shot by Jack Bohloko and is his 8th music video to hit this milestone.

What’s the one thing you didn’t know?

The popularity of this video across borders isn’t surprising. Here’s the one thing you probably didn’t know about Charma Gal. Aside from being a wildly successful and talented singer in Botswana, she’s very popular in many other African countries too. 

A fan has posted a video of hers in a separate account where they’re praising her skills. Even on that video, her fans from across the nation have messaged her with praise. One commenter said, “I'm from Tanzania. Charma you’re my everything. Teaching me tradition and dance from Swana, The Album Nyalinyana from Culture Sipeas. God bless you.” Another commenter said, “Charma Gal, plz come to us at KZN. We love you so much”.

On her Youtube video, people have left similar comments. One said, “From the Republic of Zimbabwe, I say Charma all the way”. People have commented from Guinea, Malawi, and even Indonesia! 

It’s unusual for a Botswanian artist to have so many fans across the globe. But it’s no surprise here from the ‘Beyonce of Botswana’, as she has been in the industry for long.

Making waves across the ocean.

Charma Gal is one of the few celebrities who has stood the test of time. She debuted in 2005 and is one of the most successful Motswana artists in the industry. She’s had many hits and has become a household name. Recently, Charma Gal even went to Leicester in the UK to perform alongside Babes Wodumo. That show was a run-away success with Charma Gal’s fans had a blast - both foreign and of Botswanian decent.

In a previous article, we’ve mentioned why we love this artist. Aside from persevering in the industry for so long, she is also supportive towards other Botswanian artists. She’s a leader in this industry and she’s the life of every party with her amazing music. She’s on her way to becoming a certified legend. Plus, she’s gorgeous. She looks more beautiful than many stars younger than her. Since we’re still in a lockdown, we’re hoping to see a lot more of her online presence this year. I’m sure her fans across the globe are too!

Image Cred: Botswana Gazette
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