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By  TSWALEBS  | May 01, 2020, 10:17 AM

As you all know, TSWAlebs is the place to come for the latest and most exciting  celebrity news.

We have everything from how Shona Ferguson is remembering his father to Chris Brown showing love for one of our favorites.
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And not only do we have the latest news and info, we also know our readers want the latest and greatest deals - so that's why The Hot Box is perfect for our readers - this is where brands will showcase their latest offers and deals - this is where we will show our competitions or even, advertise jobs and internships - so you will want to pay attention to what's here.

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So why is The Hot Box perfect for businesses and brands? 

Well, even in these crazy locked down days, our readership is growing fast - traffic is up over 100% on a monthly basis since January - our core reader is 21 - 45 years old - lives in Gaborone and loves eating out (soon again!) music, entertainment and more. 

With The Hot Box, the brand owns this space - you get to deliver your message straight to our audience - and have your brand featured on our home page for a fraction of what ad impressions cost (and it's much more effective.)

So if you want to reach our reader then The Hot Box can belong to you - it's yours, you own it; your message, your page, your audience!  Just contact Bianca Gardella at [email protected] for more. (And we have some great special end of lockdown specials for you.)

To our readers, thank you - and we promise to get you some GREAT deals.

To our brand partners, we know you will love The Hot Box as much as we do.

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone - and stay tuned.