The Ferguson’s Cure To Lockdown Boredom!

Our Hottest Couple!

By    | May 25, 2020, 02:31 PM

Shona and Connie Ferguson, have been killing it during South Africa's lockdown period. The power couple are showing the rest of us that we have no excuses to be packing on the pounds and complaining of boredom, when we have all the time to be conquering the world! 

1.     Fitness Goals 

Connie has been the queen of exercise for the longest time.

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At almost fifty years old, her body is the envy of every twenty-something and her abs can even make a grown man cry.

The actress has not slacked on her fitness regime, finding time to work out and maintain her gorgeous physique.  Her hubby, Shona, has also been known to join her workouts. 

2.     Work Goals 

The couple were forced to take some time off work due to the lockdown-enforced production break, which meant that filming on their shows had to be put on pause.

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That didn’t slow down the multi-talented pair as they were ready to jump back into action as South Africa's Level 4 commenced.

With new casting and new story lines, Ferguson Films are gearing up for season five of The Queen, and have left fans waiting in anticipation for their next big move. 

3.     Family Goals

Throughout it all, the Fergusons have remained tight, making time to spend quality time with each other.

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Connie celebrated Mother’s Day this month with her nearest and dearest, and even saw Shona praising her on social media.

The couple also made sure to let everyone know that the flirtation has not stopped after many years of marriage, as Shona hollah’d at his wife when she dressed in an evening gown. “Ao DiMamzo!”.