South Africa's Fashion Trendsetters

They never disappoint!

By  | Feb 04, 2022, 05:08 PM

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There's really no disputing that our favorite stars have a big impact on fashion and style trends. These celebrities are undeniably South Africa's fashion icons, whether they're attending red carpet events, brunching with friends, or posing for the camera.

Whereas most famous people can afford an entire styling team, a few well-known celebs stand out when it comes to shifting fashion and personal style boundaries, which can only be achieved through a combination of self-confidence and a keen eye for style.

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite South African personalities when it comes to fashion and style.

Bonang Matheba

The Queen, Bonang  Dorothy Matheba, is at the forefront of our list! The media tycoon is well-known not only in South Africa, but also across the continent and beyond. Bonang first graced our screens in 2002 and has steadily risen in fame and status since then. She has spoken on international stages, graced the cover of Forbes Woman Africa magazine, served as Revlon's first global ambassador, won numerous awards, and done so much more. When it comes to fashion, the reality star, radio host, businesswoman, producer, model, and philanthropist never disappoints. Bonang has frequently trended for her stunning gowns and fabulous outfits, and she once set the internet ablaze while walking down the streets of New York in a R79,000/- Bottega Veneta dress.

Rich Mnisi

This list had to include OATH Studio's young, talented creative director and CEO. Rich Fumani Mnisi is a fashionista and walking franchise who debuted his own clothing line in 2014. Celebrities frequently wear his designs, and he has been featured in a variety of local and international publications, including Marie Claire magazine, ELLE Magazine, Fashion Glossary UK, Vogue (Russia & China), Mail & Guardian, and Sunday Times. With his daring out-of-the-box looks, the trendsetter regularly brings fans and haters alike to a halt, and we adore him for it. 

Thick Leeyonce

Lesego Legobane, also known as Thick Leeyonce, is a plus-size fashion blogger, entrepreneur, and photographer whose plus-size fashion style never seizes to surprise us. The body positivity advocate rose to prominence a few years ago after defending herself against online harassment. This attracted a lot of attention to her, and her passion for her body and fashion inspired her to launch a clothing line for plus-sized women.

Mihlali Ndamase

It is impossible to discuss fashion without recognizing Mihlali Ndamase, our absolute favorite beauty and lifestyle content creator. For as long as we can remember, the young YouTuber has been breaking the internet with her epic, colorful, and sleek outfits. For all of your fashion inspiration, we can only recommend that you follow her on Instagram.

We hope you have been motivated by these fashion icons who keep true to themselves through their awesome personal style.