The Fergusons Make A Big Announcement

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By  | Jul 05, 2021, 06:28 PM 

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It's no secret that The Fergusons have been dominating the entertainment industry. Ever since they launched their production company, they have produced multiple TV shows, and now they have announced through their foundation that they will open a film school.

The film school is set to fulfill the dreams of aspiring filmmakers. "Building a sustainable film industry is a constant vision we are working towards. We are committed to raising future film industry leaders and The Ferguson Foundation intends to be the ladder that offers a step up for our communities."

"The Ferguson Film School will be the bridge between aspiring film players and the opportunity to make those dreams a reality through equipping, educating, and creating networks."

Recently, Shona opened up about being told he would never make it in the industry. A Hollywood producer told him he didn't have the right look. He encouraged his followers not to give up on life.

"It’s the darkest times & toughest battles that make us strong. There’s no human being on this planet that can break my spirit because you did not build me. GOD did. I am what & who GOD says I AM. BLESSED. This is in no way saying life is perfect. NO! The weapon will be formed but it will NOT prosper.

"I learn more from my failures than I do from my successes. With every level of success comes new devils so you can never stop praying & feeding your soul with positivity, love & gratitude.

The Fergusons recently spent time with aspiring football stars in Soweto. Their day was fantastic because they also got a chance to play soccer with Emdeni FC. Their foundation shared a sentimental message on social media, thanking their sponsors and team.

"We could not have anticipated the love, energy, and heartwarming welcome we received. And it's all thanks to the loving and talented children of Umndeni FC," they shared.

According to a statement shared by Connie, The Ferguson Foundation prides itself in embracing its role as a good corporate citizen.

"The future success of our students is of great importance to us, and we want to provide them with opportunities to learn, develop and strengthen their core life skills. We want to bring the topic of money out of the shadows, and build a nation that is financially fluent".

Connie expressed how grateful she was that they had finally launched the foundation. “Together with our amazing team, we have been working tirelessly to make this dream come to fruition. Words cannot express how grateful and exhilarated we are to finally get this program up and running.”

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