Scar's Bold Statement

Rappers say the wildest things.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Thato "Scar" Matlhabaphiri 

Musicians often promise their lovers unrealistic things. So now I ask, how much of this is true? I mean, really, how many people actually die because their lover broke up with them? If that were true, all the graveyards in Gabz would be fuller than they already are wouldn’t they?

And here is another statement that deserves scrutiny, “I could eat ice-cream all day!” 

This is what SCAR said in an interview with The Voice. But maybe SCAR isn’t making promises of similar emptiness to “I would die without you”. Maybe, just maybe, SCAR can put his ice-cream spoon where his mouth is.

Instagram embed

SCAR, this is my challenge to you tsala yami. TSWAlebs is going to make available a 5 litre tub of ice-cream of your preferred flavour. We wont ask you to eat ice-cream all day – that would cruel and inhumane treatment. But we want you to eat, non stop, 5 litres of your favourite ice-cream. Maybe chocolate brownie?

SCAR probably thought nobody would remember these words didn’t he? But, nope, the internet has the memory of an elephant.

SCAR, you can invite 50 of your fans to watch you eat the ice-cream. Live on Facebook! Challenge accepted? Holla back brazen.

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Main image credit:  Instagram/Lebadigram