Thato Jessica Opens Up About Her Struggles

"Life is a journey, travel at your own pace"

By  | Sep 23, 2021, 11:32 AM 

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Thato Jessica has taken to social media to open up about life after marriage and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her.

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She poured her heart out on Twitter under the #25 which has been trending on Twitter, where people share what they have achieved at the age of 25 and what struggles have they encountered.

In a tweet Thato who recently announced her divorce said at the age of 25 she was living with her hubby in Johannesburg and pursuing her dream career but things started falling apart "#At25 I had recently relocated to Joburg with my husband and was pursuing my dream career…A year later, I was going through a divorce and spent most of the year back home due to COVID. Life is a journey, travel at your own pace."

Thato is undoubtedly one of Botswana's most loved female musicians. She has been making great strides in her career since she was introduced to us. Thato has managed to solidify herself as a household brand with a legion of fans.
About two months ago, the musician took to social media to open up about her failed marriage. Thato and her ex-husband were married for four years before she announced in October 2020 that they had separated leaving everyone shook.

Thato posted a picture of herself with a lengthy emotional post on her Facebook account. She reflected on the day the picture was taken saying it was an emotional moment for her as she had just separated from the love of her life.

"The day we shot this picture, I spent that morning crying thinking about my life, I had just left the love of my life because even though we loved each other something was terribly wrong in our marriage. I was picking up the pieces of my life at 26, I had to try and remember who and what I was before the ring. I was battling religious trauma, looking at my career with fear. What if I never make it as a musician? What if I’m wasting the best years of my life with a dead dream? I was trapped in my own mind."

She says after going through the rough patch she embarked on a new chapter and wrote her song titled New Chapter which allowed her to heal and figure out who she was.

"I soon learned that I was a warrior! I drew up strength within me and decided to rewrite my story, to recreate myself. New Chapter is a song of my own transition space, the space between healing and figuring out who I am. New Chapter is for everyone who is brave enough to stand again, to declare Victory! To break out and free ourselves. I wrote New Chapter one year ago! I’m thankful I gave myself another chance. I chose me."

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