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Batswana get another shout out!

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Tevin Campbell 

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Back in January, social media had a lot of fun when American RnB legend Tevin Campbell was actually tweeting in Setswana. And now he's back at it again. No... seriously.

This all started when a fan responded to Tevin's commentary on the then upcoming docu-series on R. Kelly’s treatment of women and young girls over the years. The good sis @NthAsia took this as a chance to try get the singer's attention and asked “O tswa kae wena ? Ntse ke o batla."

NthAsia was not the only one just totally shocked that he responded AND could correctly translate part of it. This seemed to spark an interest in Tevin as he immediately began trying to respond to fans in their mother tongue but immediately ran into that problem we have with these language translators.

After Google Translate failed him, he understandably stopped tweeting in a language he doesn't know. Or so we thought.

On a random Thursday night, Tevin Campbell decided to tweet in Setswana again and Twitter was so excited. He actually has taken the time to study the language! Batswana ba mo Twitter welcomed this and they gave him a new name and suggested he come get a piece of land at home.

With such a long history of African Americans having such a superficial and often offensive approach to interacting with Africans (they really have decided this is Wakanda), it's so refreshing to see one use his global platform to show genuine interest in an African language. Even better that kea rona!!

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