SK Khoza Is Leaving The Queen

His diva antics seem to be the reason of his departure.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Sthembiso "SK" Khoza 

If you thought you might see Sthembiso SK Khoza more often on your favorite Mzansi Magic show, The Queen, then unfortunately that you won't. Khoza who plays 'Shaka' is leaving the show, or like many are speculating that he was booted out.

The Queen is a Ferguson Films production, headed by ex-Botswana resident couple Connie and Shona Ferguson. The couple has been rumored to be quiet difficult to work with however, in this case Sthembiso seems to be the one getting all the flack.

His diva antics seem to be the reason the actor will be cropped out from the hit television series. There has been claims made that Khoza also had a very dramatic personal life and brought those problems on set whilst filming which proved to be irksome to those working with him.

Various sources spoke to Sunday Sun, whereby strong allegations of unprofessionalism were leveled against him.

One source stated the following:

"He's always in trouble. If he's delaying production, he's involved in child support drama that has been following him to work. He's not the same person (that) he was. It's as if fame changed him.''

The publication also got a hold of show's Executive Producer, Connie Ferguson.

"There's a lot happening in the story that we are not at liberty to discuss now.'

Other sources had said that Khoza was warned numerous times however, all the warnings fell on deaf ears.

Ferguson Films issued out a statement that says the actor had shot his last scenes on August 27 and will make his last appearance on October 28.

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