Somizi Shows Us What He's Packing

His manhood has left fans shook

By  | Apr 07, 2021, 02:32 PM 

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Flamboyant TV star Somizi Mhlongo, has left his legions of fans drooling over his package down there, after he took to Instagram to share videos of him working out.

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The first video he shared shows him climbing the stairs with his instructor pulling a rope behind him. The second one shows him doing some boxing workouts but the video drew a lot of attention and has since raised eyebrows amongst his fans.

Fans noticed that his private part was dangling whilst he was busy working out and some fans questioned why he did not wear appropriate gym wear or underpants.

"Then everyone is gonna pretend like they didn't see what I saw😍."
"Hai ke I didn't mean to focus there but you are running and things are loose and bouncey."
"The comments from the ladies. Yall have fast eyes maan hai😂"

Somizi has been trending today after it came to several people's attention that he has decided to unfollow his estranged hubby on Instagram.

Mohale and Somizi have been on everyone's lips lately as it was recently reported that they are going through a divorce. Mohale also seems to have moved out of their marital home as he spends more time in an apartment somewhere in Johannesburg.

In an interview with Anele Mdoda on 94.7, Somizi admitted that they have challenges in their one-year marriage "My relationship is exactly like any other relationship. It’s got its ups and downs and at the moment, we are facing that one-year challenge of the marriage,” he told Anele Mdoda.

Somizi said if his marriage fails then he would have succeeded in not staying in an unhappy marriage. The Idols SA judge has been spending more time with his bestie Vusi Nova lately and social media users have been accusing Vusi of being a homewrecker

In an interview with Jon Savage on his What’s Your Poison? podcast, Vusi poured cold water to those claims. the musician said they are just friends with Somizi. "I have known Somizi for 16 years. I met him before I even got into the music industry. He’s so real and supportive. Somizi is one of those genuine people that believes that if you have a dream, no matter how big, you can work towards it and achieve it," he explained.

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